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Tanaza introduces a brand new free plan that allows MSPs to experience the advantages of hardware-agnostic network management at no cost

January 26, 2023

Milan, Italy – Tanaza, the leading provider of hardware-agnostic cloud-based Wi-Fi management software, is excited to announce the launch of its new freemium model and marketplace concept. This allows Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to deploy fully cloud-managed Wi-Fi with a wide range of hardware options, from high-performing to cost-effective, easily adding optional software features and third-party applications.

Milan, Italy – January 25, 2023 -Starting today, the Tanaza platform is free for up to three Wi-Fi access points with its Basic plan. This way, MSPs can get familiar with the benefits of software-hardware disaggregation on a small scale and play with no time limit, until they are ready to scale up. At that point, the Pro plan allows them to manage an unlimited number of APs, keeping all customer networks in one place, independently from the hardware used in each deployment.

“There is no limit to the size of Wi-Fi networks you can manage. Some SMEs already use Tanaza to manage their retail locations from one single dashboard. Also, Tier-1/2 ISPs are leveraging Tanaza’s technology to enable their managed B2B Wi-Fi offering, with tens of thousands of APs already deployed while using Tanaza’s APIs to virtualize hardware”, says Massimo Dragoni, Head of Solutions.

“We continue to support a large number of indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi APs, to give MSPs all the options they need, from Ubiquiti to MikroTik to Edgecore. Users can also expand Wi-Fi capabilities with applications and features from our marketplace, and this adds a number of ways for MSPs to create the Wi-Fi services that are best for them. In the future, we expect to offer even more features and services on the marketplace – like AI-based troubleshooting and optimization, Wi-Fi sensing, and tools aimed at supporting Wi-Fi planning and design” said Tanaza CEO, Sebastiano Bertani.

The new freemium model and marketplace are already available and interested parties can sign up on

About Tanaza
Tanaza provides a cloud platform (SaaS) to empower Managed Solutions Providers (MSPs) that offer managed B2B Wi-Fi services. It delivers a centralized dashboard to manage all customers’ networks from one single place, independently of the devices used. It provides flexibility to leverage a broad range of supported 3rd party hardware options. The solution is ideal for companies providing Wi-Fi network services to SMB and SME businesses, not only for the flexibility of the hardware choice but also for the flexibility in relation to software features, as it’s possible to granularly enable add-ons and 3rd party integrations that can meet the requirements of a wide variety of deployment types.

The company is based in Italy with global partners that include Comfast, Edgecore, Fortinet, Intelbras, and Linksys. Visit