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As the demand for pervasive Wi-Fi on higher education campuses continues to grow, so does the pressure on IT teams. To reduce this burden, RUCKUS offers a suite of higher education tailored products and solutions. Read this blog to learn more about what RUCKUS has to offer your campus.

RUCKUS Networks Are in a Class of Their Own

For colleges and universities, the need for reliable, high-speed connectivity across every corner of campus has never been more critical. From dormitories to auditoriums and everywhere in between, students, staff, and faculty expect seamless connectivity.

To alleviate the IT burden of meeting these demands, RUCKUS offers a suite of products specifically designed to address the unique needs of each campus area. In this blog, we will explore how RUCKUS empowers the digital experience across various campus environments.

Student Residences 

Student residences are more than just a place for students to sleep—it is their home. Because of this, they expect seamless and safe connection for studying, streaming, and staying connected with peers and family. RUCKUS has products and solutions that can be tailored to each student’s unique needs.

Our access points (APs) deliver high-speed and high-density connectivity. Built with BeamFlex® and ChannelFly® technologies, these APs are designed to adjust Wi-Fi® signals to optimize performance, minimize interference, and assess network performance to choose the best available channel. This means students can seamlessly stream, study, and socialize uninterrupted, even in crowded residence halls. In addition to our APs, network administrators can utilize RUCKUS One and RUCKUS AI to manage student residence networks and proactively monitor potential issues to prevent network downtime.

Another game-changer for dormitories is the RUCKUS® Dynamic PSK (pre-shared keys) technology. Unlike traditional pre-shared keys that are shared among multiple users, ours give each user a unique encryption key, meaning each student gets their own secure connection and reduces the risk of unauthorized access. Our Dynamic PSK technology supports Wi-Fi on 6 GHz and WPA3 and can be used on any device, such as speakers and gaming systems.

Lecture halls and classrooms

Lecture halls and classrooms are the heart of a college campus, so it is crucial that students have fast and uninterrupted connectivity for their learning. In addition to dorms, lecture halls are also the perfect environment for our APs, such as our Wi-Fi 7 indoor AP, the R770. Their BeamFlex technology adjusts Wi-Fi signals to focus directly on the users, while ChannelFly software optimizes channel selection to reduce congestion and enhance overall network performance. With RUCKUS APs, students’ learning is uninterrupted, and teachers can teach more effectively.

Even when the classroom isn’t being used, RUCKUS products can still improve campus efficiency. Our IoT Suite can create a responsive environment where heating and lighting are automatically adjusted based on real-time data. For example, when occupancy sensors detect that a lecture hall is empty, the systems will power down, which in turn reduces energy consumption and operational costs. Not only does this build a more sustainable campus, but it also saves money for your campus.

Safety across campus

Security technologies aren’t a new or groundbreaking concept when it comes to college technologies, but the RUCKUS difference is that these technologies can operate synergistically instead of in isolation. At the core of this are our APs, which provide connectivity for safety features, surveillance cameras, and user devices. The high bandwidth and low latency of a RUCKUS network helps these devices operate uninterrupted and makes security personnel able to respond quickly to any emergencies.

With the RUCKUS IoT Suite, devices such as smart locks, emergency call buttons, and environmental sensors can all be connected to the same network. Our IoT Suite enables these devices to communicate seamlessly and efficiently to enhance the safety of your campus.

An example of how this can all work interconnectedly is how our technologies react to someone trying to break into a residence hall at night. First, motion detectors identify movement at a time and place no one should be, and then our Wi-Fi-connected locks recognize that someone is trying to open doors without proper authorization. Because of this, the connected lights turn on, and smart surveillance can capture video of the person attempting to gain entry. If the person is a student or employee who has a device on them that is connected to Wi-Fi, the system will be able to detect who the owner of the device is. An alert will then be sent to campus security with real-time data and video so they can respond appropriately.

See it for yourself

We know that RUCKUS is the best choice for your campus, but don’t just take our word for it. With our higher education case studies, you can learn about how we have helped campuses across the world. Another great resource is our higher education brochure, which goes into more detail about our offerings for higher education.

When it comes to higher education, RUCKUS Networks is in a class of its own.

As esports surges in popularity, the need for high-performance, reliable, and secure network infrastructure grows. Wi-Fi 7 revolutionizes esports with unparalleled speeds, lower latency, and superior reliability. RUCKUS Networks leads with AI-driven Wi-Fi 7 solutions, ensuring seamless gameplay, quicker reaction times, stable connections, and robust security. With RUCKUS One, our AI-driven platform, esports venues can deliver a fully immersive, state-of-the-art experience.

Unleashing the Power of Wi-Fi 7 for Esports

s esports continues to surge in popularity, the demand for high-performance, reliable, and secure network infrastructure has never been greater. Enter Wi-Fi 7, the latest iteration of wireless technology, poised to revolutionize the esports landscape with its unparalleled speeds, lower latency, and superior reliability.

Wi-Fi 7 changes the esports game 

Wi-Fi 7 is a game-changer for esports, offering a level of performance, reliability, and quality of service that eclipses what previous iterations of the wireless technology could offer its users. Here’s how Wi-Fi 7 is set to enhance the esports experience:

  • Unparalleled speedsWi-Fi 7 offers blistering speeds, up to 4.7 times faster than the previous Wi-Fi® generation—ensuring seamless gameplay and live streaming. This is crucial in esports, where every millisecond counts. Faster speeds create a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience.
  • Lower latencyWi-Fi 7 significantly reduces latency, the transmission delay between the time data is sent and the time it is received. In esports, lower latency translates to quicker reaction times, giving players a competitive edge. 
  • Improved reliabilityWi-Fi 7 provides better reliability, ensuring a stable connection even in dense environments like esports arenas. This means fewer dropped connections and interruptions, allowing players to focus on their game.  
  • Enhanced securityWith Wi-Fi 7, network security is ramped up. This is crucial in protecting esports events and teams from potential cyber threats.
  • Greater capacityWi-Fi 7 can accommodate a greater number of concurrent users, devices, and applications, making it ideal for high-density esports venues where a large number of devices connect simultaneously to Wi-Fi.

RUCKUS leads the way in purpose-driven networking for esports and beyond

RUCKUS Networks, a leading provider of purpose-driven networking, is at the forefront of delivering enterprise-class Wi-Fi 7 solutions. RUCKUS® AI-driven Wi-Fi 7 solutions leverage artificial intelligence to further enhance network assurance and deliver amazing user experiences.

RUCKUS One, our AI-driven converged network assurance and business intelligence platform, simplifies network management—providing fine-grained metrics about network and Wi-Fi performance and network and application utilization. This allows esports venues to stay ahead of the game as esports continues to grow.

Wi-Fi 7 is set to transform the esports landscape, offering unparalleled speeds, lower latency, and superior reliability. With RUCKUS’s advanced technologies and AI-driven solutions, esports venues can deliver a fully immersive, state-of-the-art esports experience.

In an era where fan experience is shaped by technology and modern stadiums have become destinations themselves, RUCKUS Networks is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking AI-driven, Wi-Fi 7 underseat solution, tailored specifically for large public venues such as sports stadiums and arenas.

RUCKUS offers industry’s first, AI-driven, outdoor Wi-Fi 7 solution for Large Public Venues


This innovative solution sets a new standard for fan connectivity and technology integration to modern venues. Specifically speaking, the RUCKUS® T670, the industry’s first AI-driven Wi-Fi 7 solution, also happens to be the industry’s first FCC 6GHz standard power certified outdoor Wi-Fi 7 solution.

Revolutionizing Connectivity in Large Public Venues 

As the first solution of its kind to feature Wi-Fi 7 technology, RUCKUS Networks’ underseat Wi-Fi® solution addresses the unique challenges of providing reliable, high-speed internet access in crowded environments, while seamlessly integrating to the venue normal operational routine, allowing minimal aesthetic impact, concealing cables, protecting the radios from spillage, pressure washing and the elements. With the increasing demand for seamless connectivity, especially in venues that host thousands of attendees, this solution is designed to deliver unparalleled performance and reliability.

Key Features of the Wi-Fi 7 underseat solution

  • Wi-Fi 7 Technology: Leveraging the latest advancements in wireless technology, this solution offers enhanced bandwidth, reduced latency, and improved efficiency, making it ideal for environments with high user density.
  • Underseat Deployment: The underseat design ensures that the Wi-Fi access points (APs) are discreetly installed beneath seats, optimizing signal distribution while maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the venue.
  • High-Density Performance: Powered with patented RUCKUS Beamflex+® technology, the solution is engineered to handle the demands of large crowds, to provide robust and reliable connectivity, so fans and attendees stay connected during events.
  • Enhanced User Experience: With faster speeds and lower latency with the use of the 6GHz band, our AFC Approved solution provides a superior online experience, whether they’re streaming live video, sharing moments on social media, or accessing real-time event updates.
  • Hardened and Flexible: Its flexible architecture supports a variety of configurations and mounting options to meet the specific needs of different venues, as well as protects against the elements with IP-67 certification.
  • AI-driven Management and Assurance: It can be easily managed by RUCKUS One, our AI-driven converged network assurance and business intelligence platform. · Better coverage and throughput: Operating at standard power, RUCKUS T670 delivers better coverage and throughput as compared to any other 6 GHz solution operating in a low-power mode. However, it is well-known that one cannot deploy an outdoor Wi-Fi 7 solution in a standard power mode without FCC approval.


Benefits for Sports Stadiums and Arenas 

Sports stadiums and arenas are among the most demanding environments for wireless connectivity. The RUCKUS Wi-Fi 7 underseat solution is tailored to meet these challenges, providing several key benefits:

  • Enhanced Fan Engagement: Fans can stay connected, share their experiences, and access real-time updates, enhancing their overall experience.
  • Operational Efficiency: Venue operators can leverage the network for various operational needs, including ticketing, concessions, and security, without worrying about damaging access points while cleaning and preparing the venues for the next event, while leveraging insights from RUCKUS AI.
  • Future-Proofing: With Wi-Fi 7, venues are equipped with the latest technology and prepared for future advancements and increasing connectivity demands, taking full advantage of the 6GHz spectrum and extending the lifetime of your network.
  • Higher throughput and capacity: through wider 6 GHz bandwidth and new signal modulation schemes in Wi-Fi 7, enhanced by RUCKUS BeamFlex+® technology, a patented smart directional antenna system built into the AP. This greatly reduces interference, extends Wi-Fi range and coverage, eliminates dead spots, improves signal quality, and delivers more reliable connectivity and performance.
  • Improved Reliability, Lower Latency: Wi-Fi 7 MLO (Multi-Link Operation) technology provides significant advantages for large public venues by boosting capacity and reliability, allowing a device to communicate with an AP over multiple links simultaneously, with faster data rates and lower latency, crucial for maintaining a seamless user experience in dense environments with numerous active devices.

About the RUCKUS T670

The RUCKUS T670  is a high-density, high throughput, low latency tri-band AI-driven Wi-Fi 7 outdoor AP engineered to meet the demands of the most challenging environments, providing unprecedented performance in high-density settings such as stadiums, public venues, and smart cities. In countries like the US and Canada, where the 6GHz band is permitted for outdoor access points, the T670 enables innovative applications, including mesh backhaul utilizing Wi-Fi 7 in the 6GHz band. T670 can be easily managed by RUCKUS One, our AI-driven converged network assurance and business intelligence platform, as well as RUCKUS SmartZone based on-premises solutions.

About RUCKUS underseat solution 

RUCKUS underseat stadium enclosure protects RUCKUS APs mounted beneath stadium seats for high density Wi-Fi deployments in stadiums and large public venues. The enclosure is large enough to fit most RUCKUS APs, yet it is designed to fit under stadium seats without impeding foot space. The enclosure is comprised of a heavy-duty cast aluminum bottom and durable polycarbonate top cover with a protective gasket for indoor /outdoor under seat installation. The enclosure is purposely designed to be transparent to RF signals and protects from liquid/water projected from pressure washer jets/hoses. The enclosure can be floor mounted or wall mounted with a 45° or 35° tilt using the included mounting bracket. A second mounting bracket is available as an option for flat mounting (0° tilt) The enclosure does not impede the thermal performance of the enclosed AP.

Looking Ahead

The introduction of the Wi-Fi 7 underseat solution by RUCKUS Networks represents a major milestone in the evolution of wireless connectivity for large public venues. As the first manufacturer to bring Wi-Fi 7 technology to this space, RUCKUS Networks reiterates its commitment to innovation and leadership in performance for the harshest RF environments.

Meet me and the RUCKUS team at SEAT2024 in Las Vegas.

If you are curious about how AI-driven Wi-Fi 7 solution is going to change the game for large public venues, join me in this panel discussion titled “WI-FI 7 Purpose Built Networks: How AI Enabled WIFI 7 Solutions will Change Connectivity in Large Venues” on June 25 from 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM PDT.