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In-depth AutoTest provides unmatched visibility for Ethernet cable and network link validation and troubleshooting.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA – June 3, 2024 – Today at the Cisco Live! event, NetAlly announced the availability of its next-generation LinkRunner® AT network and cable testers, continuing a twenty-plus year legacy of innovative troubleshooting tools for network engineers and technicians.

The LinkRunner AT 3000 delivers fast and comprehensive validation of copper and fiber network links with powerful network connectivity troubleshooting. While offering the same core functions of its predecessors (LinkRunner AT 1000 and 2000 models), the LinkRunner AT 3000 features a large touchscreen and a more in-depth AutoTest that provides deeper network visibility on Ethernet links from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps – all at the same price as the AT 2000.

With the addition of network discovery, path analysis, and packet capture, the LinkRunner AT 4000 provides deeper visibility and diagnostics, enabling network professionals to quickly resolve issues impacting single or multiple devices and network segments. Automated topology mapping in Link-Live, NetAlly’s collaboration, reporting and analysis platform, delivers ‘up-to-the-minute’ accurate networks maps for easy documentation.

“The LRAT 4000 has proven to be an exceptional addition to our toolbox,” said Paul Sutherland, engineer at Hallbeck IT. “It has significantly reduced the time and cost associated with the troubleshooting process. This tool has enhanced our ability to quickly identify active network faults, a task that would have been much more time-consuming with conventional methods.”

“The venerable LinkRunner has served IT professionals for over two decades as the most popular connectivity tester in existence,” said James Kahkoska, NetAlly Chief Technology Officer.  “Implementing our AllyWare™ common technology platform on LinkRunner AT has enabled the complete transformation of these instruments with functionalities present in NetAlly’s more advanced testers while providing a familiar user experience, both on the testers as well as in Link-Live.”

Lee Badman, wireless network architect at Wirednot, said, “The latest LinkRunner AT from NetAlly upgrades this very handy product line in all the right ways – from support for the latest PoE standards and switch interfaces to rework of the user interface for ultra-effectiveness, the reasons to invest or upgrade are many.”

The new LinkRunner AT models are available from NetAlly’s authorized channel partners across North America, Europe, and Asia. For more information:

Single instrument combines edge network vulnerability scanning with Wi-Fi and BT/BLE

wireless network performance testing and surveying.

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA – March 5, 2024 – Today, NetAlly announced the expansion of
its cybersecurity assessment product line with the addition of CyberScope® Air, a Wi-Fi
vulnerability scanner and tester for assessing the security posture of WLANs against policies,
generating compliance reports, and performing ongoing monitoring for changes.
“The CyberScope family of tools are the first and only devices I’ve seen that can address
network security in meaningful ways at the network edge,” says Jennifer Minella, cybersecurity
author and co-host of the Packet Protector podcast.
Minella continues, “These tools bridge the gap between security and network operations in
meaningful ways, by allowing on-demand or pre-configured security assessments to test for the
vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that most often contribute to breaches, malware, and
other incidents.”
In April last year, NetAlly introduced CyberScope, the world’s first wired Ethernet and wireless
handheld edge network vulnerability scanner for in-depth cybersecurity assessments.
CyberScope Air offers a wireless-only version for security practitioners and network engineers
focused on wireless edge networks.
“With the massive proliferation of endpoints and ubiquitous connectivity in edge networks,
security professionals need a fast and easy way to have ‘eyes on’ all of the devices at the sites
they manage,” says James Kahkoska, NetAlly CTO.
With today’s announcement, NetAlly amplifies the power of CyberScope’s discovery capabilities
with new capabilities in their Link-Live collaboration, reporting and analytics platform, providing
fast insight into the devices in a site network over time.
New graphical dashboards provide instant insight into endpoints and network configurations
allowing easy exploration in chart, table, or topology views. The Discovery Monitoring feature
allows automated daily, weekly, or monthly snapshots to be uploaded to Link-Live to track new
and missing devices or Wi-Fi access points and clients. Powerful filtering and grouping allow

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analysis to instantly identify new devices, changes within a device, or for tracking specific
devices and types over time.
Mike Parrottino, NetAlly CEO adds, “The release of CyberScope Air is another milestone in
NetAlly’s efforts to bring our thirty years of experience in network visibility technology to
cybersecurity professionals whose current toolset lacks in-depth, tactical situational awareness
in edge networks.”
According to NetAlly, their CyberScope family of products help security practitioners by:

 Easily validating security controls at the edge.
 Inventorying everything including IoT, OT, unmanaged devices.
 Quickly testing and demonstrating policy compliance.
 Enabling collaboration and sharing between teams.

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