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Smart home devices aren’t just getting more popular. They’re also creating new customer expectations and transforming the way people work, relax, and learn in their homes.

“Thanks, in part, to COVID-19, things have changed dramatically,” Plume CCO Tyson Marian said in a recent webinar. “[Customer] expectations have increased because their entire livelihood really rests on the quality of experience in the home. And we don’t see that changing anytime soon.” Communications service providers (CSPs) must keep up with these changes or risk getting left behind. And that means using data to understand exactly what customers want from their smart home experiences and how you can deliver it.

“The smart home today is less about the devices in your home and more about the data that those devices produce to create cross-device experiences. That’s why the smart home is really starting to take off now and why we believe it will continue to grow.”
Tyson Marian, Plume CCO

Uninterrupted connection throughout the home

There are more connected devices in the home than ever—and the pandemic just sped up adoption. As more people had to quarantine and begin working and schooling from their residences, what did they invest in? Smart home devices.

In a recent study, Plume found that the number of devices per U.S. household increased 38% from October 2019 to May 2021—the most common additions being voice assistants, security cameras, and smart light bulbs.

38% The number of devices per U.S. household increased 38% from October 2019 to May 2021

With all of their smart devices, customers expect seamless, uninterrupted connection so they never have to miss a meeting, class, or a favorite TV show. And if they’re now paying for more hardware and software than they used to, they want to know that they’re getting their money’s worth.

“Our digital life is becoming the greatest cost in our life outside of possibly a mortgage. What the customer expects is that those [devices and platforms] work and that they always work.”
Tyson Marian, Plume CCO

Smart capabilities across devices
In a world of smart technology, a watch is no longer just a watch and a bike is no longer just a bike. Instead, they’re internet-connected devices that use data to learn about your needs and deliver automated, personalized experiences. And consumers have increasingly come to expect those features.

“If I get a new thermostat, it’s got to give me more than just the ability to adjust the controls. With sensorless motion detection, for instance, Plume can actually turn devices like a smart thermostat into a sensor. This is the sort of thing that turns an otherwise simple thermostat into something more useful, and turns a home into a smart home.”
Tyson Marian, Plume CCO

During the pandemic, investments in smart cooking devices grew 60%, wearables and smartwatches 51%, and smart TVs and streaming devices 34%.

Personalized, on-call support when they need it
With all of these connected devices, CSPs should be able to gather real-time data about their customers’ experiences and offer personalized, proactive support as needed.

“When they actually call the service provider with an issue, the customer wants you to know who they are. They also want you to be able to help solve their problem efficiently.”
Tyson Marian, Plume CCO

Marian recalled a support call he once heard where a customer was passed from representative to representative until someone was able to finally address the problem. And for each new person, the customer had to repeat their name, account number, and issue. A CSP with a cloud-based, data-driven system would have been able to get a bird’s-eye view of the devices in the customer’s home, easily connect those that weren’t on the network, and offer a customized solution for increased coverage—all in just a few minutes. “That’s the kind of experience that the customer wants: bespoke,” Marian said. “What’s going on in my house and can you offer me a solution?” As smart home devices become more ubiquitous and customers less tolerant of unpersonalized experiences, CSPs have to step up their game and find a way to become a one-stop shop for customers’ evolving needs and preferences.

“A lot has changed; a lot is going to continue to change. And our belief is that every change will present more data, which means more opportunities to create new digital, smart home experiences.”
Tyson Marian Plume CCO

Welcome to Plume IQ, our monthly reveal of data-driven intelligence and customer-focused insights from more than 1.2 billion connected devices managed in the Plume Cloud.

What’s driving WiFi 6 device deployments?
WiFi 6 arrived to a wave of excitement, promising increased throughput, improved latency, power savings and enhanced security, all maximized when paired with cloud-control. Two-years following the arrival of the first devices, we dipped into data from the Plume Cloud to look at the latest deployment growth rates:

  • U.S. leads Europe: Over the 6-month study period, WiFi 6 deployments grew by 63% compared to 45% in Europe. Do U.S. consumers refresh their tech more often?
  • Tablets returned the highest growth: The most common WiFi 6 devices in Plume homes were—in order—smartphones, laptops, and tablets. However, in terms of WiFi 6 growth rates, tablets led with 107% growth rate, followed by smartphones (55%), and laptops (50%).
  • Apple is the prime mover: Three brands are driving WiFi 6 device growth in Plume homes: Samsung (27%), Google (39%), and Apple, which is setting the pace with a massive 375% growth rate over the study period.

Communications service providers (CSPs) used to rest easy knowing they were equipped to meet their customers’ needs. Want a cable package? They’ve got it. Ready to bundle your phone and internet services? Easy. Eager to record your favorite shows? There’s a device for that.

Today, customer behaviors—and needs—have changed in ways only a few imagined just a decade ago. As people connect more devices to their home networks and rely on those networks more often for remote work and study, customers are demanding higher quality from their digital, in-home experiences. As a result, CSPs are under increased pressure to provide more value and keep up with an ever-changing market. Meaning, they’re facing some sleepless nights with few sheep in sight. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. In a recent interview with Intelligent Briefings about how smart home experiences have evolved, Plume CCO Tyson Marian broke down some of toughest challenges CSPs are facing and the solutions they need to future-proof their businesses—no matter how often customer expectations may shift.

Lack of agility
One of the toughest challenges facing many legacy CSPs is their inability to adapt quickly to changing customer preferences. They spend so much effort making the sale and getting hardware into people’s homes, but once they do, updating that hardware is a chore—or, worse, not even an option. So when customers inevitably want to expand or upgrade their services, their CSP isn’t equipped to meet their needs and those customers go elsewhere.


Cloud-based networks that automatically adapt
Enter: the cloud. By setting up cloud-based networks, CSPs can easily update their customers’ software and adapt to meet expectations. This way, they don’t have to waste precious time and resources switching out the hardware or building new services from scratch. “The cloud services that we deliver allow the CSP to immediately turn on new services at the snap of their fingers, so they can get to more people at a very fast pace,” Marian said. “Our belief is that it will no longer be about the speed of the network but about the speed at which you can deliver new services. And that can only happen if you’re delivering those services from the cloud.”

“Our belief is that it will no longer be about the speed of the network but about the speed at which you can deliver new services.”
Tyson Marian, Plume CCO

Frustrated customers who need support
No customer wants to spend hours on hold, jumping between customer- and tech-support representatives just to find out why they don’t have service. Unfortunately, that’s still the reality for many subscribers.

Systems that predict issues before they happen
CSPs can prevent these frustrations by using data and technology to anticipate—and address—issues before they occur. Take, for example, Signal by Plume, which uses AI to monitor WiFi speed and connection across devices in customers’ homes. Once it spots a potential issue, Signal alerts CSP support teams before the customer is affected. From there, the CSP can proactively reach out to the customer with a ready-made solution or use their software to solve the issue remotely. During the pandemic, Plume saw that many customers were using more WiFi to take calls on Zoom and Microsoft Teams. The system immediately sent targeted emails to those customers that said, “Working from home? Upgrade now from 50 to 75Mbps speeds for an extra $10 a month.”

“That’s how you can turn what was a symptom and a problem into incremental revenue. All of that is 100% data-driven.”
Tyson Marian, Plume CCO

Decreasing market share
Due to the obstacles above, CSPs are losing market share to more agile competitors. Just look at big tech companies like Amazon that are swooping in to deliver advanced broadband and video services. If CSPs want a chance at competing and surviving, they need to adapt not just to win new customers but to retain the customers they already have.


Partners to help boost customer retention
When Plume is delivered through a single access point in customers’ homes, CSPs have seen customer churn decrease by as much as 30%. When those CSPs add Plume coverage options like WiFi pods and extenders, churn can drop by another 30%. That amounts to major increased revenue. As Marian pointed out, a lost customer can cost CSPs more than $1,000. And then acquiring a new customer to replace them can cost another $400.

“If you can keep a subscriber in our industry for an additional two years, about $1,700 goes to your bottom line. Those are pretty big savings for our CSP customers.”
Tyson Marian, Plume CCO

In today’s home security landscape, hackers are the new cat burglars. It’s no surprise: Economists argue that data is now the world’s most coveted resource—beating out oil, gold, and other valuable materials.

That means homeowners need to protect their data as fiercely as they safeguard their prized possessions. The problem is, keeping information secure is a lot more complicated than locking diamonds in a safe.

The fact that most homes today have many devices—each one a possible access point for hackers—makes cyber-security even more challenging. The average Plume home, for instance has, on average, 14.5 connected devices spanning multiple smartphones, work-issued laptops and tablets, video game consoles, IoT devices, and more.

Read our entire whitepaper to learn more about the role that CSPs can play in keeping home networks as secure as possible. Download here

  Deutsche Glasfaser—Germany’s leading FTTH service provider—and BREKO eG—Germany’s premier broadband association—turn to Plume for next-generation subscriber experiences—

PALO ALTO, Calif.June 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Personalized smart services pioneer Plume® today announced that it has reached agreement on two major new partnerships that cement its presence in the German region. Deutsche Glasfaser Group—the leading fiber-optic service provider in rural Germany—will launch a new bundle of digital subscriber experiences to its residential broadband customers. Additionally, Plume has entered into a cooperation with BREKO eG—the commercial platform of Bundesverband Breitbandkommunikation e.V. and leading broadband association in Germany—to make Plume’s platform and services also available to over 200 member Communications Service Providers (CSPs).

Central to the Deutsche Glasfaser partnership is the implementation of Plume’s cloud- and AI-driven SaaS experience management platform which leverages OpenSync and features HomePass™—a next-generation front-end Smart Home Services suite—and Haystack™—intelligent back-end support tools and data analytics. The platform will enable Deutsche Glasfaser to expand its product portfolio with highly personalized service offerings which extend the customer experience throughout subscribers’ homes. The OpenSync open-source framework gives Deutsche Glasfaser access to a flexible and cloud-agnostic architecture to enable rapid service curation, delivery, scale, management and support of Plume’s digital subscriber services.

In leveraging HomePass, Deutsche Glasfaser will build on the super-fast broadband speeds enabled by its fiber-optic broadband network, to bring customers a host of experience-driven benefits including flawless WiFi connectivity, AI-driven cybersecurity and IoT device protection, sophisticated parental supervision, secure access controls, motion awareness, and more. In addition, Haystack incorporates real-time and predictive customer support tools, enabling Deutsche Glasfaser to assist residential subscribers proactively with support requests. Haystack is field-proven1 to increase customer satisfaction and drive significant reductions in support calls and truck rolls.

“We are thrilled to partner with Deutsche Glasfaser, one of the fastest growing FTTH providers in Germany—they have made an astute decision in selecting Plume’s highly scalable cloud-driven experience management platform that will support their growth plans,” said Tyson Marian, Chief Commercial Officer, Plume. “While fiber supports the delivery of incredibly fast speeds to the home, it is Plume’s objective to enable providers to further enhance customer experience by providing a new bundle of smart home services that increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.”

Commenting on the partnership, Ruben Queimano, Chief Commercial Officer, Deutsche Glasfaser, said: “As a pioneer and pacesetter in the industry and the leading fiber-optic provider for rural areas in Germany, we have already deployed one million FTTH connections and we will accelerate our growth in the future. The partnership with Plume—also a pioneer in their field—will help us to deliver the best internet experience to our customers, complementing a high-speed internet connection with a premium smart home experience. This includes the provision of a fully optimized and flawless WiFi experience delivered to every device.”

Through BREKO eG’s new partnership with Plume, cooperative CSP members have the opportunity to launch Plume’s SaaS experience management platform––including smart home and intelligent business suites––with special pre-agreed terms. Plume’s cloud-based approach and seamless integration with back-end systems accelerate go-to-market, enabling service providers to be up-and-running in less than 45 days. The partnership means that BREKO eG’s growing number of alternative fixed broadband operators will have access to Plume’s solution to increase ARPU and reduce OpEx by optimizing the in-home broadband experience.

“We look forward to working closely with the Plume team. With this cooperation, we can help our network operators understand and implement adaptive WiFi services to substantially improve the in-home experience for their subscribers,” said Jürgen Magull, Managing Director of BREKO eG. “Since it can be assumed that the work-from-home era will continue indefinitely, flawless connectivity and robust cybersecurity are high on the agenda of consumers, businesses and the service providers who serve them—our members can only benefit from the potential of satisfied customers along with increasing ARPU while reducing OpEx and lowering churn.”

About Deutsche Glasfaser
The company plans, builds and operates fiber optic direct connections for private households and companies. Deutsche Glasfaser is a key driver to expand the nationwide broadband coverage in rural areas. With innovative planning and construction methods, Deutsche Glasfaser implements FTTH network connections quickly and cost-efficiently in close cooperation with the municipalities – also within the framework of existing funding programs for nationwide broadband expansion. In 2020, the experienced fiber optic investors EQT and OMERS founded the company through a merger of the network providers inexio and Deutsche Glasfaser. With the largest number of customers, Deutsche Glasfaser is the market leader among FTTH providers in

About BREKO Einkaufsgemeinschaft eG 
As the leading fiber optic association with more than 380 member companies, the Bundesverband Breitbandkommunikation e.V. (BREKO) successfully promotes competition in the German telecommunications market. Its members are clearly committed to future-proof fiber optics and are currently responsible for almost 75 percent of the competitive expansion of fiber optic connections to buildings and homes. As a strong partner for member companies of the Bundesverband Breitbandkommunikation e.V., BREKO Einkaufsgemeinschaft eG was founded as a cooperative in 2010 to offer all network operators and municipal utilities a commercial platform and to create economic added value in fiber optic expansion. As an aggregator, multiplier and facilitator, the BREKO Einkaufsgemeinschaft ensures an attractive and extensive product portfolio, which a large number of member companies use for fiber roll-out in order to strengthen their competitiveness in the long term.

About Plume
Plume® is the creator of the world’s first SaaS experience platform for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and their subscribers, deployed in more than 25 million locations globally. As the only open and hardware-independent solution, Plume enables the rapid delivery of new services for connected homes, small businesses, and beyond at massive scale. On the front end, Plume delivers self-optimizing WiFi, cyber-security, access controls, and more. CSPs get robust back-end applications for unprecedented visibility and support. Plume leverages OpenSync™, an open-source framework which comes pre-integrated and supported on the leading silicon, CPE, and platform SDKs.

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Plume, HomePass, Haystack and OpenSync are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Plume Design, Inc.

1 Source: Total Cost of Ownership Study, Plume, 2020

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Plume Raises $270 Million at $1.35 Billion Valuation


Plume Design, Inc.

Feb 23, 2021, 08:30 ET


New financing from Insight Partners will fuel Plume’s accelerating growth

PALO ALTO, Calif., Feb. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Plume®, the company behind the smart home service offerings of more than 170 Communications Service Providers (CSPs) served to more than 22 million households across the globe, today announced that it has closed a $270 million minority investment from global venture capital and private equity firm Insight Partners. This Series E round at a $1.35 billion valuation brings Plume’s total equity funding to $397 million.

Plume was founded on the premise that a device will only ever be as smart as the network it’s connected to, and that the existing smart home services were sorely lacking. Instead of attempting to improve only wireless coverage through distributed hardware, Plume’s approach is entirely different – a comprehensive suite of cloud-controlled front-end services delivered over a smart, software-defined network. Plume’s HomePass™ front-end services suite consists of adaptive and self-optimizing whole-home WiFi, AI driven cybersecurity and IoT device protection, sophisticated parental supervision, secure access controls, and motion awareness. HomePass is complemented by a powerful, data-driven back-end operations platform offering real-time and predictive customer support tools, network control center applications, deep analytics, comprehensive dashboards, consumer behavior and satisfaction insights, churn prediction, and retention marketing services for CSPs through Plume’s Haystack™ and Harvest™ suites.


Plume will use the funding to further increase investment in research & development and lean more aggressively into sales, marketing, and partnerships. The company will seek to continue its rapid product, revenue, customer, channel, and geographic expansion and plans to add employees in all of its offices across North America, Europe, and Asia.

“Growth in the smart home category is exploding, but the quality of consumer experience has fallen short,” said Insight Partners Managing Director Ryan Hinkle, who has been appointed as a director on Plume’s board. “We are convinced that Plume, with its scalable cloud data platform approach, highly efficient go-to-market strategy, strong momentum, top-quartile financial performance across all SaaS KPIs – including revenue, growth rates, gross margin, efficiency and retention metrics – and world class team is transforming this category. We’re delighted to join and support this exciting journey.”

Customers benefit from Plume’s constantly expanding platform through OpenSync™, the most widely supported open-source, silicon-to-cloud framework for smart spaces. With OpenSync, CSPs can decouple their service offerings from hardware and rapidly curate and deliver new services over a multi-vendor, open-platform architecture. Managed by a massively scalable cloud control plane, new services can often be delivered without requiring new equipment, reducing CAPEX spend and extending the useful life of existing infrastructure. Since its creation in 2018, OpenSync has grown to power more than 26 million access points and switches across a broad range of silicon SDK and CPE platforms, and has attracted many third-party developers and contributors.

“We could not be more enthusiastic about welcoming Ryan to our board, and our partnership with the entire Insight team,” said Fahri Diner, Co-founder and CEO of Plume. “By leveraging machine learning and AI, cloud data, open-source, deep ecosystem partnerships, and a scalable platform, we uniquely address the disconnect between the expectations of smart spaces and the service provider’s ability to deliver flawless experiences to them – while building a leading, high-growth SaaS business in a large, under-served market. An even stronger balance sheet through this cash infusion, coupled with our high operating leverage, sets the stage for Plume to continue to invest confidently in our future.”

Jefferies acted as financial advisor to Plume on the transaction.

About Plume
Plume® is the creator of the world’s first SaaS experience platform for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and their subscribers deployed globally. As the only open and hardware-independent solution, Plume enables the rapid delivery of new services for connected homes (and beyond) at massive scale. For consumers, Plume delivers self-optimizing WiFi, cyber-security, access controls, parental controls, motion sensing, and more. CSPs get robust back-end applications for unprecedented visibility and both reactive and pre-emptive support. Plume leverages OpenSync™, an open-source framework which comes pre-integrated and supported on the leading silicon, CPE and platform SDKs.

Plume’s investors include Charter Communications, Comcast Cable, Foxconn, Insight Partners, Jackson Square Ventures, Liberty Global Ventures, Presidio Ventures, Qualcomm, Samsung, Service Electric Cablevision, Shaw Ventures, Silicon Valley Bank, and UpBeat Venture Partners.

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Plume, HomePass, Haystack, Harvest and OpenSync are trademarks or registered trademarks of Plume Design, Inc.

About Insight Partners
Insight Partners is a leading global venture capital and private equity firm investing in high-growth technology and software ScaleUp companies that are driving transformative change in their industries. Founded in 1995, Insight Partners has invested in more than 400 companies worldwide and has raised through a series of funds more than $30 billion in capital commitments. Insight’s mission is to find, fund, and work successfully with visionary executives, providing them with practical, hands-on software expertise to foster long-term success. Across its people and its portfolio, Insight encourages a culture around a belief that ScaleUp companies and growth create opportunity for all. For more information on Insight and all its investments, visit or follow us on Twitter @insightpartners.

SOURCE Plume Design, Inc.



Plume Design, Inc.

Dec 14, 2020, 05:00 ET

––Over 150 of the world’s leading communications service providers have turned to Plume for secure hyperconnectivity and personalized smart home services––

PALO ALTO, Calif., Dec. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Personalized Smart Home Services pioneer Plume®, today announced record growth and adoption of its portfolio of advanced Smart Home Services and Communication Service Provider (CSP) applications, which now power more than 20 million active households around the world. Through 2020, Plume has been scaling rapidly and is currently averaging approximately 1 million new home activations each month, at an accelerating rate. This comes at a time when industry commentators are predicting a sharp increase in Smart Home Services sector growth, fueled by the work-from-home movement coupled with consumers’ insatiable appetite for hyperconnectivity and personalization.

“We’re forecasting exponential growth in the smart home market with yearly revenues from connected devices and associated services reaching nearly $263 billion by 2025,” said Anirudh Bhaskaran, Senior Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. “We believe that service providers are best placed to capitalize on this market opportunity and evolve beyond providing connectivity alone, to build compelling offerings inside the home to increase ARPU and retain customers.”

Today, more than 150 CSPs rely on Plume’s cloud-based Consumer Experience Management (CEM) Platform to elevate subscribers’ smart home experiences, increase ARPU, reduce OpEx, and cut churn. Plume’s rapid growth has been fueled by the independent CSP sector, where the company has added over 100 new customers in 2020 alone, across North America, Europe, and Japan.

Plume’s global expansion is visualized here.

Strong channel partnerships and distribution chain

This rapid growth is attributable, in part, to establishing a strong network of industry-leading channel partners including NCTC (who has over 700 members), Consumer Premises Equipment (CPE) and networking solutions providers including ADTRAN, Sagemcom, Sercomm, and Technicolor, and distributors such as Advanced Media Technologies (AMT). Plume’s business model uniquely enables OEM partners to license its iconic “pod” hardware designs to produce and sell directly to CSPs and distributors.

“Plume is enabling NCTC to deliver personalized smart home experiences that include speed, security, and control to our Members,” said Rich Fickle, President of NCTC. “Since partnering with Plume, many of our service providers have already seized on the opportunity to hyper-serve their subscribers and create new revenue opportunities with the growth in smart home.”

As a result of this model, Plume’s turnkey solution can be deployed and scaled rapidly, enabling CSPs to launch new services in less than 60 days, while contactless, self-install kits enable even faster time to market and lower overhead costs.

“Plume has enabled us to expand our distribution channel and offer Plume-designed products directly to the independent sector allowing the ISPs to move fast and minimize costs,” said Ken Mosca, President/CEO AMT. “Traditionally, the independent sector has been the last to benefit from technical advancement. However, through the powerful combination of Plume’s SuperPods and its Consumer Experience Management Platform, all Providers, whether big, medium or small have access to the same, groundbreaking technology.”

Fast time to market and scale with an open-source approach leveraging OpenSync

OpenSync™––the fastest growing and the most modern open-source framework for the smart home––has been a key component to Plume’s success. OpenSync’s flexible and cloud-agnostic architecture enables rapid service curation, delivery, scale, management, and support of Smart Home Services, and has already been adopted as a standard by major industry players including the Facebook-sponsored Telecom Infra Project (TIP), coupled with RDK-B, and natively by many of Plume’s CSP customers such as Charter Communications. Today, 25 million OpenSync-integrated access points have been deployed. A comprehensive silicon-to-cloud framework––that is embedded in and supported by major silicon providers––OpenSync ensures that CSPs can increase service scope and velocity, and offer data-driven, proactive support and service.

“Our long collaboration with Plume has added tremendous value to customers of our cutting-edge networking platforms, and has helped service providers deploy differentiated capabilities for the smart home,” said Nick Kucharewski, Vice President and General Manager, Wireless Infrastructure and Networking, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “Our work related to OpenSync has provided our customers a framework to rapidly deploy services from the cloud.”

Channel partner and OEM advocacy

“With a number of customer wins already secured––including Franklin Telephone and Summit Broadband––the ADTRAN and Plume partnership is enabling service providers to drive significant customer satisfaction and OpEx gains, by delivering unprecedented quality of experience through advanced network insight and data analytics,” said Robert Conger, SVP of Technology and Strategy, ADTRAN.

“Fast time to market is one of the major benefits that is helping Broadband Networks to deliver new smart home services to independent service providers in Switzerland. By reducing deployment times to as little as 60 days, Plume has enabled our customers to go-to-market in a fraction of the time it would usually take,” said Ivo Scheiwiller, President & CEO, Broadband Networks.

“Plume’s pioneering business model is beneficial to all stakeholders as it enables ISPs to buy their licensed SuperPods directly from us. Working with Plume’s talented and highly efficient engineering team, we’ve been able to incorporate a vast amount of cutting-edge technology into the new SuperPod, and achieve industry-defining performance,” said Haibo Zhao, CTO, CIG.

“As the main integrated partner of Plume since its creation, we’re delighted to market our WiFi extenders and broadband gateways together with Plume’s Consumer Experience Management Platform. Many of our customers rely on the scalability and speed-to-market advantages that the OpenSync platform has delivered, to bring in a new wave of services, all built on open-source and controlled from the cloud,” said Ahmed Selmani, Deputy CEO, Sagemcom.

“As a leading supplier of telecom equipment, Sercomm is committed to delivering solutions with the latest technology. Our customers consistently demand access to the most performant CPE devices in the market. We are delighted to be able to manufacture Plume’s ground-breaking pod family of WiFi access points that have been proven, time and time again, to deliver quite simply the best WiFi performance on the market,” said James Wang, CEO, Sercomm.

“The generation of CPE that is currently being deployed to homes around the world represents a new opportunity to redefine the relationships that network operators have with their subscribers. Open gateways from leading manufacturers like Technicolor have led to new revenue-generating services –– including cloud-gaming, smart-home management, security and much more. By integrating Plume’s Customer Experience Management Platform built on OpenSync, network service providers will be able to optimize the delivery of innovative services from many different providers by managing complexity and tailoring value propositions to the specific needs of subscribers…rapidly and at massive scale,” said Girish Naganathan, Chief Technology Officer, Technicolor.

Plume’s CEM Platform

By partnering with Plume, CSPs and their subscribers have access to the world’s most advanced CEM Platform for the smart home. Powered by cloud and AI, it combines benefits of a back-end data prediction and analytics suite––Haystack™––and highly personalized front-end consumer services suite––HomePass™––to enhance the subscriber’s smart home experience, while significantly reducing the CSP’s operational costs. Plume has received multiple product and best-practices awards in recognition for its transformative impact on customer experience, including most recently from Wi-Fi NOW, Light Reading, Broadband World Forum, and Frost and Sullivan.

Strong endorsement by global Tier 1 CSPs

Plume partners with many of the world’s largest CSPs; Plume’s CEM Platform allows them to evolve their smart home offerings to deliver high-value consumer services at high cadence across diverse hardware landscapes with ease.

“Bell is leading the way in Smart Home solutions in Canada, backed by our direct fibre network connections that deliver the fastest consumer Internet speeds with Plume pods extending smart WiFi to every room in the home,” said Rizwan Jamal, EVP, President Residential and Small Business Services, Bell Canada. “We look forward to our continued partnership with Plume to build on the innovative cloud services that will further enhance connectivity for our residential customers.”

“Advanced In-Home WiFi provides Spectrum Internet and WiFi customers with the ability to optimize their home networks, offering both detailed insights and providing greater control of their connected devices to deliver an unmatched home WiFi experience. Integrating our core advanced technology, and leading WiFi router, with the OpenSync cloud platform and software stack allows us to nimbly deliver best-of-breed features and services. Nearly 400 million devices are connected to our vast network, and we take seriously our responsibility to deliver fast, reliable service, while protecting and securing our customers’ online private information,” said Carl Leuschner, SVP of Internet and Voice Products, Charter Communications.

“Fast, reliable connections that extend throughout the home have never been more important, and our partnership with Plume has played a valuable role in helping our customers achieve that. Two times faster than the first generation, the cloud-managed network capacity provided by our new second-generation xFi Pod provides our customers with a powerful tool for getting the most out of their home connections,” said Tony Werner, President of Technology, Product, Xperience, Comcast Cable. “As an early investor in Plume, and their first major customer in the United States, we applaud them for reaching this impressive milestone.”

“For the past year, J:COM subscribers have been experiencing the benefits of Plume’s services, which create personalized, fast, and secure WiFi throughout the home. We’ve recently expanded our relationship to distribute Plume’s Consumer Experience Management Platform to cable operators throughout Japan, who are now empowered with the tools and technology they need to remain competitive and provide high-value services to their subscribers,” said Mr. Yusuke Ujimoto, Managing Corporate Officer and GM, Business Innovation Unit at J:COM.

“Liberty Global’s gigabit network capabilities benefit from Plume’s Consumer Experience Management Platform by creating a more insightful and intelligent smart home. Bringing together OpenSync and our next-generation broadband, we have a time to market advantage, sophisticated network diagnostics tools, and insights to ensure our customers have the best experience possible,” said Enrique Rodriguez, Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Liberty Global.

“In the past few months, with customers locked down in their homes, WiFi has become the most relevant service to connect Portuguese homes to their extensive network of families, friends and coworkers. To face this demand, NOS has found in Plume the right partner to provide its customers with an innovative WiFi service that combines coverage and stability throughout the home, including optional parental control as well as advanced security services. Plume’s solution allows a free trial period and provides NOS’ customers with a flexible subscription model available in different options according to the size of the household. The new offer that launched in August ’20 has been a success both in NPS and sales, continuously achieving unprecedented levels of WiFi subscriptions in the Portuguese market,” said Luis Nascimento, CMO and Executive Board Member, NOS Comunicações.

“Vodafone Fiber broadband customers enjoy a reliable and robust WiFi experience in every corner of the home. Adaptive WiFi by Plume is part of our Vodafone Super WiFi service, which continuously learns from WiFi use and performs self-optimization, ensuring people, and devices stay connected. Through Plume cloud services, we’re able to proactively and reactively diagnose potential network issues and easily support customers when necessary. This level of insight makes the difference,” said Blanca Echániz, Head of Product and Services, Vodafone Spain.

Rapid growth within the Independent CSP sector

Plume’s CSP partners see operational and consumer benefits across several vital areas: speed to market, product innovation, and consumer experience.

Speed to market – for independent service providers, the ability to quickly integrate back-office systems, such as billing, inventory, and fulfillment, is critical in reducing OpEx during the initial deployment and beyond. Plume offers all CSPs valuable consumer insights, digital marketing content, and ongoing co-marketing support in addition to the operational benefits.

“Plume’s cloud-managed smart home services can be deployed rapidly and at massive scale. Best of all, these new and exciting features can uncover insights and analytics that drastically improve the connected home experience,” said Dennis Soule, President/CEO, Community Cable & Broadband.

“We evaluated a number of solutions and found Plume to be the best fit for us. We were amazed at how easy it was to set up, even for non-technical staff. Pair that with the ease of use for the end customer, and best-in-class analytics, and we knew that we had a winner. Since rollout, we have been impressed with Plume’s support platform and their regular communication on cloud and firmware updates. The value that Plume has brought us in terms of both new revenue opportunities and reduced truck rolls was recognized almost immediately. But most importantly, our customers love it!” said Steve Frey, General Manager, Stratford Mutual Telephone Company.

“Delivering Plume to our customers could not be simpler, more efficient or cost effective. Our subscribers can effortlessly install Plume at home with a high success rate, and updates are rolled out automatically as soon as the software is ready,” said Mark Walter, Senior Vice President, Service Electric Cablevision.

“We were thrilled when the NCTC introduced the Plume product to its members. We were searching for a managed WiFi system to improve the user experience for our customers. The Plume product has been successful at improving customer satisfaction and retention at StratusIQ. Now that we have a managed WiFi solution that scales to the size of the customer’s home, we feel much more comfortable deploying IPTV solutions,” said Ben Kley, President and GM, StratusIQ.

Product innovation – because of Plume’s cloud-based architecture, new services are developed and launched globally at an accelerated rate. Network operations, support, and consumer services are developed using SaaS methodologies, allowing CSPs to scale rapidly.

“Plume is an advanced solution that continuously learns about your Internet needs and performs advanced self-optimizations. This cloud-coordinated system gives customers stable and consistent WiFi coverage and speed in any room/area of their business or home,” said Gino Villarini, Founder and President, AeroNet.

“Plume’s SuperPods along with the Plume platform offers a cutting-edge solution for our customer base. Since launching the product, the overall feedback has been extremely positive. Our customers are experiencing stable WiFi connections and complete home coverage with an average of 2.5 SuperPods per home in our demographic. Additionally, our Help Desk and IT teams are benefiting from having visibility into the customers network for remote troubleshooting purposes. It is quicker and easier for us to identify the root causes of troubles which translates into faster resolutions for our customers. Yes, we can make the argument that the Plume platform has given us the ability to provide better customer service. Plume has been a game changer for our company, and we are very excited about the Plume for Small Business solution once it becomes available,” said Robert Parisien, President, D&P Communications.

“Plume’s app based product is more consumer friendly than products we have used in the past so it provides wireless service customers with an experience they can benefit from. Plume just works. The product has reduced support calls and churn when compared to our old WiFi solution. It is refreshing to work with a vendor that provides an innovative product that makes a positive difference,” said Dave Hoffer, COO, MCTV.

“WightFibre leverages the unprecedented insight Plume’s sophisticated customer support tools and data dashboards provide into each and every home. This in turn allows problems to be solved immediately without an engineer call-out––again this is really appreciated by the customer. The metrics speak for themselves: our customer satisfaction Net Promoter Score is now consistently in the high 50s. The average time taken to resolve a customer case has reduced from 1.47 to 0.45 days as problem resolution now rarely requires an engineer visit. The number of cases has also reduced by 25% year on year,” said John Irvine, CEO, WightFibre.

Consumer experience – born in the cloud, Plume’s consumer service, HomePass, provides subscribers with intelligent, self-optimizing WiFi, control of internet access and content filtering, and security features that ensure devices and people stay protected against malicious activity.

“As leaders in broadband technology, we know that the modern smart home requires a personalized approach tailored to each person, home and device. Plume does just that,” said Matt Weller, President of All West Communications.

“Zoom, featuring HomePass by Plume, creates the ultimate user experience by putting WiFi where the customer needs it most. As a result, our customers experience fewer coverage and performance issues, which generate less need for assistance and higher levels of satisfaction.  We couldn’t be happier with our decision to use Plume as the technology partner for our Enhanced WiFi product,” said Jeff Ross, President of Armstrong.

“Today’s home WiFi experience has become a point of frustration with subscribers, but Plume eliminates the challenge entirely. While we know that Plume self-optimizes daily—with real-time data usage in order to prioritize bandwidth when and where it’s needed—all our customers know is that an easy self-installation leads to a robust wall-to-wall WiFi experience,” said Matthew L. Dosch, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Comporium.

“Access to fast, reliable internet has never been more important as consumers need remote access to work-from-home, students are doing distance learning from home, and families are watching more streaming video content than ever before. Smart WiFi gives consumers more bandwidth on demand in any room of the home thanks to Plume Adapt––the best part about this service is that homeowners can control everything from one easy-to-use app,” said Ashley Phillips, General Manager of C Spire Home.

“Our Whole Home WiFi service, Powered by Plume HomePass, delivers fast and consistent internet throughout the home, it keeps families safe from potential security threats and gives them better control over their digital health. We thank Plume for making this possible,” said Rod Boss, President and CEO, Docomo Pacific.

“Plume’s easy-to-use platform has allowed our customers to work untethered throughout their homes, so they can do business and attend school remotely with confidence in their wireless connection.  The intuitive Plume app gives users the ability to manage and monitor all wireless devices in their network, allowing them to see what’s consuming bandwidth and control devices from their phone or tablet. It is a timely product for today’s market and helps us to stay competitive as we strive to meet the ever-changing and increasing needs of our customers,” said Todd Foje, CEO, Great Plains Communications.

“Our partnership with Plume has made reliable connectivity a standard for all of our WiFi customers. We’ve experienced triple-digit growth on our internet product each month since launching Plume, and trouble tickets have dramatically decreased. Customers love our WiFi solution and we love Plume!” said Vice President and General Manager, Mike Oblizalo, Hood Canal Cablevision.

“We only offer our customers premier broadband services and technology. i3 Smart WiFi, Powered by Plume HomePass provides another way for our customers to have a world-class internet experience,” said Brian Olson, COO, i3 Broadband.

“Today’s home WiFi experience can vary for some customers, however Plume eliminates this entirely by distributing WiFi seamlessly throughout the home. With Plume, JT customers’ WiFi networks self-optimise daily with real-time data usage and prioritises bandwidth where and when it is needed the most, providing an unparalleled full-fibre experience on one of the world’s fastest networks,” said Daragh McDermott, Managing Director, JT Channel Islands.

“Our customers see the Internet and WiFi as one and the same. Plume has helped us elevate our in-home customer experience to the next level with seamless coverage throughout the home. The HomePass app gives the customers the device level insight and control over their Internet they’ve been asking for…. best of all, it’s simple!” said Brent Olson, President and CEO, Long Lines.

“Plume has allowed us to help customers take control of their WiFi home experience and given us the tools to help them if they need assistance.  Customer satisfaction has been higher with this technology than any other deployment we have ever launched,” said Chad Lawson, CTO, Murray Electric.

“Since deploying Plume, our customer satisfaction has never been higher, and our customer service team has received fewer WiFi related support calls. Our customers now enjoy a WiFi experience that just works perfectly,” said Gary Schrimpf, Asst. Superintendent, Communications, Wadsworth CityLink.

Iconic and performance leading hardware designs

Many of the world’s leading CSPs use Plume’s SuperPod™ WiFi access point (AP) and router technology to deliver next generation Smart Home Services. This includes Comcast, Charter Communications, Liberty Global, Bell, J:COM and over 45 others across North America, Europe and Asia. Liberty Global will also deploy Plume’s SuperPod technology to European consumers in the first quarter of 2021, having expanded its partnership with Plume in February of this year.

Plume’s SuperPod is heralded for its performance in independent third-party product tests. Ars Technica’s Jim Salterwrote: “Plume is on top in each of the four test stations, and it’s got a lower variance between worst and best station, which means more consistent coverage across the house as well.”

“As the creator of the CEM category, we have made it our mission to define modern Smart Home Services and become the world’s standard. We are committed to serving every communications service provider around the globe, small and large, and to delivering delightful consumer experiences via engaging front-end services and cloud-data-driven, back-end insights,” said Fahri Diner, Co-founder & CEO at Plume. “I’m thankful for all of our partners and their continued trust and support as we reach this significant milestone. And I would like to extend a special recognition to ‘the class of 2017’ – Bell Canada, Comcast, Liberty Global, Sagemcom and Qualcomm who had the courage and conviction to bet on Plume early, and with whom our partnership has only deepened and expanded as we reinvent the residential service bundles together.”

About Plume®
Plume is the creator of the world’s first Consumer Experience Management (CEM) Platform, powered by OpenSync™, which enables the curation and delivery of new Smart Home Services rapidly and at massive scale. The Plume HomePass™ Smart Home Services Suite which includes Plume Adapt™, Guard™, Control™, and Sense™ is managed by the Plume Cloud, a data- and AI-driven cloud controller currently running the largest software-defined network in the world. Plume leverages OpenSync, an open-source framework which comes pre-integrated and supported on the leading silicon and platform SDKs for coordination by the Plume Cloud.

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