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Pakistan’s Top Service Provider Building Open and Disaggregated Wi-Fi Networks based on TIP’s technologies across Communications Footprint.

– Karachi, Pakistan, February 21, 2023

Multinet, Pakistan’s business communications company of choice, today announced that it is deploying Telecom Infra Project’s OpenWiFi technology to power Wi-Fi networks across the country. Multinet’s OpenWiFi networks will provide seamless high-speed connectivity for public, hospitality, sports and entertainment, and retail enterprise customers.

Well-known for leading-edge telecom solutions to Pakistan, Multinet is the first managed service provider in the region to deploy OpenWiFi’s technology stack to provide the general public and customers with seamless, fast, and affordable connectivity.

Multinet has been providing quality public Wi-Fi across Pakistan, covering all major airports, various public places, malls, and recreational areas with its Wi-Fi infrastructure with the objective of “Connectivity for all.”

“Our singular mission is to deliver superior connectivity solutions for Pakistan and reach out to the public and masses with our public Wi-Fi initiative,” said Adnan H. Zaidi, Chief Operating Officer at Multinet. “By using open and disaggregated technology, such as OpenWiFi, we will continue to lead the market with innovation that delivers exceptional service, quality, and reliability for the public, our customers, and stakeholders. With superior scalability, this will greatly scale up our public Wi-Fi footprint and reach.”

“OpenWiFi is the perfect solution for Multinet because it offers competitive total cost of ownership (TCO) and eliminates vendor lock-in,” said Sandeep Kohli, Connectivity Technologies and Ecosystems Manager, Meta and member of the TIP Open Optical and Open WiFi Program Groups. “It also eliminates the need to introduce additional controllers opening new deployment use cases, such as Wi-Fi networks built for the public, hospitality, sports and entertainment and retail segments, not previously addressed due to cost considerations in these markets.”

“Multinet is leading the region in open and disaggregated technology deployments and we’re excited to see how OpenWiFi will benefit Multinet’s customers,” said TIP Executive Director Kristian Toivo.

India’s Leading Service Provider Continues to Innovate By Building Disaggregated, Open-Source Networks

DELHI, India, January 31, 2022—Spectra, India’s leading managed service provider, today announced  that it has expanded the commercial deployment of Telecom Infra Project (TIP) OpenWiFi solutions. TIP OpenWiFi will enable high-performance broadband services for Spectra’s Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) and Enterprise customers.

Spectra is changing the managed service landscape in India, providing end-to-end network solutions that revolutionize the customer experience. Spectra is committed to driving the Indian government’s goal of making India one of the top ten countries in the world for broadband access.

By building networks with TIP OpenWiFi solutions, Spectra customers will be offered higher bandwidth, better quality of service, and competitive prices, thereby changing how broadband is consumed in India. Spectra installed Access Points (APs) and a Cloud Controller from Inventum, a New Delhi-based technology company.

“Spectra’s mission is ‘to make life better’ and by building Spectra’s Wi-Fi networks with TIP OpenWiFi hardware and software, we are making life better for our customers,” said Udit Mehrotra, CEO and Managing Director, Spectra. “At Spectra, we believe in using the latest technological advancements, and this demonstrates to our customers why Spectra is the leading choice for internet and other managed  services in India.”

“Spectra’s choice of using TIP OpenWiFi is a proofpoint to the industry that standards-based Wi-Fi software, cloud controllers, and access points (APs), offer a great customer experience and industry-leading innovation,” said Sandeep Kohli, Connectivity Technologies and Ecosystems Manager, India Market, Meta. “The Wi-Fi industry is ripe for disruption and partners like Spectra prove that they can ‘make life better’ for the industry and end-users with an open-source solution.”

“Our mission is to build the best cloud-enabled networking products for Indian businesses, said Sachin Mehra, Founder and Managing Director, Inventum. “TIP OpenWiFi will enable our customers to deploy the best wireless technology in the market and ensure a great experience for their end users.”

TIP OpenWiFi is an open source-based Wi-Fi architecture that enables multi-vendor, interoperable Wi-Fi networks. The TIP OpenWiFi-based solution enables Spectra to seamlessly mix and match access points and controllers from any TIP OpenWiFi compliant manufacturer, enabling it to easily expand its Wi-Fi footprint. It also allows developers to quickly create new applications given it is open source.

There are more than 300 companies involved with the TIP OpenWiFi initiative from OEMs, ODMs and Silicon Providers to Carriers and Service Providers to App Developers. Boingo Wireless recently announced its first wide commercial deployment of TIP OpenWiFi 6E solutions in the United States, and Virgin Media and the City of Dublin announced a field trial of a WiFi4EU-Compliant Network in the EU.

About Spectra:

Spectra is a leading network-as-a-service provider. Spectra’s purpose is to empower businesses and business owners by designing robust network services that deliver efficiency, scalability, and a hassle-free experience. Spectra’s goal is to become the partner of choice for businesses of all sizes in their digital transformation journey. Within our network-as-a-service offering we design, deploy, monitor, and manage end-to-end networks including WAN, LAN & network security for a single or multi-location environment using software-defined networks. Spectra has also ventured into offering AI/ML-based video analytics for many use cases across industries.

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