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3 ways technology supports senior living staff

November 25, 2021

WCI provides comprehensive solutions for senior living staff and residents. Today, there is a new demand for senior living technology systems. Here’s how we’re helping advance technology systems for senior communities.

Encouraging exceptional care experiences
ImpruviX provides high-performance networks for a seamless technology experience. ImpruviX ensures residents and staff are constantly connected through reliable connectivity and smart room technology. Furthermore, we focus not only on resident comfort but staff supplementation as well. Our software features a technology monitoring system so senior living staff can assist residents remotely, reducing the time spent in individual rooms.

Ease of accessibility
Technologies create a safe space for your residents. ImpruviX creates a smart space for seniors, combining ease of access with improved security. ImpruviX Surveillance, powered by Eagle Eye Networks, monitors restricted areas with best-in-class access control integrations and is fully HIPAA compliant. The VMS is a simple, scalable, and cost-effective way to monitor for property patient care, protect valuable assets, and ensure staff is meeting all health and safety standards.

Smart technology is essential for resident safety and security
ImpruviX enables senior living staff to provide superior service with remote monitoring systems. Our monitoring system can alert staff when a resident goes beyond a set boundary or moves about the room during a fall-risk situation. Additionally, the ImpruviX security system can alert staff if an approaching visitor is running a fever and can provide analytics for how many people are in and out of the building.

Furthermore, the increased accessibility also provides superior legal security. Our monitoring system is HIPPA compliant and can save video content for a customizable set of time, ranging from days to years. Our monitoring system ensures your staff is protected.

ImpruviX Surveillance provides remote monitoring solutions for senior care management and staff.

At WCI, we provide comprehensive care solutions for our customers and clients.
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