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Aprecomm Network Intelligence Suite to be distributed through TecExpert Brasil

November 15, 2023

Bangalore, November 07, 2023

Aprecomm, a world-leading network intelligence provider, has announced its partnership with TecExpert Brasil for distribution of its products across Brazilian territory.

This engagement will bring Aprecomm’s AI-enabled network intelligence suite of products to Brazilian broadband service providers and enterprises.

Communication services providers in Brazil can now benefit from Aprecomm’s network-intelligence cloud to optimize performance, reduce downtime and resolve subscriber issues faster. Further, enhanced visibility and automated root-cause analysis from Aprecomm solutions will help bring down operational expenses and improve network quality of experience for end users.

Pramod Babu, CEO of Aprecomm Private Limited, said, “TecExpert Brasil’s partnership with us is an absolute pleasure. Users throughout the Brazilian region will now have access to our network intelligence solution, and the products of Aprecomm will now enhance the network experience of users in the TecExpert Brazil distribution network.“

Leonardo Luis Slaviero, Founder and CTO, TecExpert Brasil spoke about the partnership and said, “Aprecomm will be achieving wider penetration across Brazil. TecExpert Brasil will be distributing Aprecomm’s Virtual Wireless Expert, a quality of experience software among its network of ISPs and distributors enabling users from Brazilian region to enjoy enhanced internet experience.”

Aprecomm’s network intelligence has traditionally helped service providers bring low-cost reliability and superior performance through edge-AI technology that brings complete automation in support workflow and network optimization.

Guharajan Sivakumar, CTO, Aprecomm Private Limited, said, “We are excited to see the reception our Artificial Intelligence based solutions is receiving across geographies. With TecExpert Brasil as our partner across Brazil, Aprecomm’s user base will be growing wider.”

About Aprecomm

Aprecomm provides Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled Software Stack to measure WiFi Experience for broadband and enterprise users. Aprecomm’s patented WiFi intelligence solutions help improve subscriber’s quality-of-experience by proactively identifying and troubleshooting WiFi issues. This helps ISPs and Enterprises improve support efficiency, reduce downtime, and bring down operating costs. Aprecomm solutions currently manage more than five million WiFi equipment and have proven positive ROI for communication service providers across the world.

About TecExpert Brasil

TecExpert Brasil is a Brazilian System Integrator company dedicated to address connectivity issues on Wireless Technology for Enterprise and Mission Critical Solutions. With more than 7 years in operation and 20+ years of experience in Telecommunications and IT markets, your team develops projects focused to offer cost-benefit solutions to local base. TecExpert today is involved in the most successful achievements in local market, as 1st WiFi6E 6GHz demo in Brazil, participation in major events as Brazilian F1 GP, as like solutions for Mining, Port and Logistics. TecExpert is Wireless Broadband Alliance member, to engage OpenRoamingTM service in Brazil, as like is BluetoothTM and Telecom Infra Project (TIP) member.