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Cloud Managed Access Points: A Blessing for Enterprises

October 6, 2021

Given the growing popularity of smartphones and other Wi-Fi enabled devices, small and medium-sized businesses often face the challenge of managing their wireless networks effectively. With the ever-increasing penetration of the Internet for agile and digitally responsive companies, even smaller enterprises have started switching to cloud-based wireless access networks to ensure seamless internet connectivity for undisrupted business operations.

While traditional wireless access points worked like routers to create a local wireless network within a predefined radius, the next generation cloud-based wireless access points are significantly better and, in addition to ensuring seamless connectivity, offer a host of other benefits.

Given below are the top four benefits of switching to a Cloud Managed Wireless Network

Minimize the Cost; Maximize your Business

Cloud-managed wireless solutions can relieve your current IT resources by eliminating the need for any onsite wireless support, as it allows you to proactively discover and eliminate technical issues before it affects your workflow.

Minimal IT Support = Reduced IT Efforts

By offering a single point of management for installation, configuration, and diagnostics, cloud-managed wireless solutions come with a central interface that dramatically simplifies the challenge of handling dynamic networking needs with minimal help and support.

Improved Security

Network sensors, applications, and software work in tandem to identify rogue APIs and other complications and send auto alerts to isolate the issue when any problem is detected. It also automatically performs software updates to protect your critical business data.

Peerless Support

A cloud-based wireless network also minimizes the need for software upgrades and equipment maintenance as these are efficiently taken care of by the vendor.

Switching to a cloud-based wireless network can boost productivity, enhance network security and reduce IT expenses. With less downtime, superior IT support, and access to key analytics, you can achieve your business goals efficiently.

In conclusion

The benefits of using cloud-based access points are endless. If used optimally, it can even trump the benefits offered by conventional wireless access points for companies. It does not just keep pace with the ever-evolving needs of growing businesses but is also massively scalable. Are you wondering how to hook your business up with a network of class-leading cloud-managed Access Points? Fret not! Augment on the go with HFCL IO Networks’ Cloud Managed Access Points.