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Cognitive Systems whitepaper: How WiFi motion can play with other security solutions

October 25, 2023

The whitepaper “Cognitive Systems Confidential: How WiFi Motion Can Play With Other Security Solutions” explores the integration of Cognitive Systems’ Wi-Fi Sensing solution, WiFi Motion, into the realm of home security.

As the demand for reliable and comprehensive security solutions grows, security providers are strategically adopting WiFi Motion to enhance their offerings. WiFi Motion seamlessly transforms existing routers and devices into a comprehensive motion sensing network, enabling over-the-air upgrades and adapting to evolving security needs.

The whitepaper outlines four key strategies for service providers looking to incorporate WiFi Motion into their offerings: upselling to premium security, monetizing DIY security with added features, streamlining existing services, and integrating new context into professional security.

By leveraging WiFi Motion’s innovative capabilities, security providers can enhance user experiences, reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive revenue growth. WiFi Motion holds significant potential to revolutionize the home security landscape and urges security providers to embrace its capabilities for successful differentiation and innovation in a dynamic market.

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