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GoZone WiFi Celebrates 20-Year Anniversary of First Passenger Airport WiFi Installation

June 22, 2022

20-Year Anniversary Celebration Coincides with Promotion of Wireless Broadband Alliance’s Hope For Connectivity Initiative and World WiFi Day

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., June 22, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GoZone WiFi, the leader in monetizing and managing guest WiFi, and its CEO Todd Myers are celebrating his pioneering efforts and involvement in the first passenger installation of WiFi technology in the Toledo Express Airport in 2002. The twenty-year anniversary also coincides with World WiFi Day and GoZone’s activities with the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) promotion of HOPE for Connectivity.

Myers is a WiFi industry pioneer and serial entrepreneur. He is responsible for creating four successful WiFi technology companies. In 2001, he created Airpath Wireless, the first cloud-based roaming, captive portal and payment system in the WiFi Industry. While at Airpath, he was behind the first passenger WiFi installation at Toledo Express in Toledo, Ohio. Now after twenty years, Myers is clearly dedicated to the WiFi industry and understands that WiFi has allowed people to stay connected wherever they go.

“From sharing information with loved ones to banking, shopping, and accessing news and critical data, the advancement of WiFi truly has improved the quality of everyday life. We are thrilled to celebrate our twenty-year anniversary of the first passenger installation of WiFi in an airport, and to help promote World WiFi Day and the WBA’s HOPE for Connectivity initiative. GoZone will continue to innovate and provide advanced WiFi technology solutions to our customers that can continue to help provide critical connectivity to consumers in a multitude of venues globally.”

GoZone WiFi, created in 2014 by Myers, offers industry-leading solutions to venue owners that enhance WiFi networks to provide revenue opportunities through venue analytics, guest intelligence, marketing automation and advertising. GoZone’s Smart WiFi Suite of products essentially enable WiFi monetization through rich location data, marketing engagements, and third-party sponsorships. These venues include sports and entertainment complexes such as stadiums and event locations, outdoor environments such as campgrounds and marinas, cities and communities, resorts and lodging, casinos and gaming, transportation, retail, and food and beverage establishments.

What is World WiFi Day?

World WiFi Day is a global event orchestrated by the Wireless Broadband Alliance that shines a light on the many communities and cities worldwide that remain without WiFi access. WiFi is a vital service that keeps economies moving, and by working to address the digital divide, the WBA hopes to bring governments and companies together to close the gap.

What is HOPE for Connectivity?

The HOPE for Connectivity calls for action from local government and industry leaders to recognize and celebrate WiFi’s role in advancing our society while helping to accelerate the availability of affordable connectivity for those who remain unconnected. There are four key themes rooted in the WBA’s vision for World WiFi Day:

Help: funding WiFi deployments to connect the unconnected communities
Offer: affordable WiFi access in both rural and urban areas
Promote: how WiFi has been successful in connecting cities and communities
Engage: and address the role of WiFi in the digital divide

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About GoZone:

GoZone WiFi is a SaaS company and leader in monetizing and managing Guest WiFi. The company offers business analytics, venue intelligence and guest engagement by using WiFi networks to deliver branded content, provide customer analytics, and display advertising. GoZone’s Smart WiFi Suite of products enables WiFi monetization through rich location data, marketing engagements, and third-party sponsorships. GoZone’s venue intelligence enables enterprises to strategically refine operations, bridging the gap between marketing and IT. Learn more at

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