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Introducing the enhanced Plume Haystack ®

February 22, 2023

Transform how you manage your subscriber network

As communications service providers (CSPs) struggle to meet increased customer expectations, the enhanced Plume Haystack provides the tools CSPs need to gain visibility into and control over their data, deliver proactive support, and substantially improve subscriber experiences. CSPs have to transform their systems to keep up with rapidly evolving customer expectations. The change begins with gaining full visibility into subscriber data. Only then can CSPs understand customer needs and deliver value in an increasingly competitive field. As research from McKinsey and BARC shows, data-driven organizations are 9X more likely to retain customers and 1.5X more likely to grow revenue by more than 10%. The problem is that current systems are inadequate. CSPs need a suite of tools that allows them to see and manage their subscriber experiences in completely new ways.

That’s why Plume is proud to share some significant updates to Haystack: a CSP software solution for operational efficiency and superior subscriber experience management.

The struggle for visibility is real

CSPs are in a tougher position than ever before. While they have visibility across their access network, individual subscribers’ WiFi networks have been like a black box. These networks are only becoming more complex as customers add IoT devices, smart TVs, and other connected appliances to their homes, making the need for visibility even more important. Meanwhile subscribers expect their WiFi to be flawless and reliable. Any service interruptions can lead to mounting complaints, an increase in support call volumes, and unhappy customers. And without proper visibility, CSPs have to send technicians out for every issue ticket raised—an extremely expensive and time-consuming undertaking. It may seem like a solution to these challenges is far off, even unattainable. But the good news is that it’s available now.

Person looking at Network Status and Performance on their tablet.

Haystack transforms the way you manage subscriber experiences

Haystack is Plume’s CSP software solution for operational efficiency and superior subscriber experience management. It provides end-to-end visibility of your entire network so you can identify issues in real time, resolve issues quickly and proactively, and improve customer satisfaction. CSPs are already reaping the benefits of Haystack, but we’re rolling out the most robust version of this software yet, including two new capabilities: