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IoT Innovation Guide: AI and the Future of Industrial Manufacturing

May 15, 2024

Among the growing uses of AI, one potential application is industrial systems. AI extends the capabilities of machines to sense, learn, reason, and interact with humans in ways that are natural, intuitive, and complementary to the way we work. By pairing AI with IoT to create edge-AI, and connecting insights across production processes, manufacturers can achieve higher quality final products, while also increasing the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of industrial processes. In fact, a recent McKinsey survey found that AI has the potential to unlock approximately $1 trillion in value from the global industrial sector.1

Several use cases have been identified outlining how industrial manufacturers can capture value from AI through technologies such as vision systems, speech-to-text, enhanced connectivity and smart power management:

  1. Plant consumption and energy management
  2. Quality sensing and detecting
  3. Smart Conveyance
  4. Factory asset intelligence – performance management
  5. Digital product development – digital twin
  6. Factory synchronization and dynamic scheduling
  7. Augmented workforce efficiency
  8. Additive manufacturing

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