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Lansweeper, Domos and Cognitive Systems Join Forces to Elevate Broadband Experience

March 1, 2023

Collaboration enables ISPs to increase customer retention, lower costs and offer new, valuable features to their customers

22 February 2023 – A trio of technology companies are coming together to drastically improve broadband services for Internet Service Providers and their customers.

Lansweeper, the leader in Asset Discovery and Recognition technology; Domos, the global leader in Latency Management for Internet Service Providers; and Cognitive Systems Corp., the leader in Wi-Fi Sensing technology, have joined forces to provide telecom companies with intelligent, value-added services to dramatically enhance customers’ internet experience.

The trio believes that, as the industry becomes increasingly competitive, it is no longer sufficient for ISPs to differentiate themselves solely through increased bandwidth or improved Wi-Fi performance.

The collaboration aims to help ISPs stand out in the market and deliver exceptional solutions to their customers by leveraging a joint ecosystem of specialized, industry-leading technologies.

With each partner’s distinctive technologies working in concert, ISPs stand to gain unparalleled insight into their customers’ device infrastructure, internet and application usage, spatial awareness, end-to-end network quality, and more.

The collaboration will also improve overall network performance by combining latency management to reduce data transmission delays and enable application awareness, device recognition to identify and classify different types of devices on a network, and WiFi Motion to better understand how device placement impacts WiFi performance.

Combining the three applications allows users to optimize and prioritize the performance of their online applications, help customer service agents diagnose problems more effectively, and enable Service Providers to leverage customer insights to introduce new products and services.

Together, the technologies promise to bring services such as streaming, remote work, and online video gaming to the next level, while also enabling ISPs to increase customer retention, reduce operational costs, and upsell new features and services.

The ultimate goal of the collaboration is to provide value-added services to ISPs through spatial, device, and application outcome awareness so that they can launch new tools and services and transform and elevate the customer’s connected experience, the companies said.

Speaking on the news, Amanda Forsyth, Director of Product at Cognitive Systems, said: “Through this collaboration, Service Providers will be able to go beyond basic connectivity and provide an elevated experience for their users. We’re working together to ensure that our technologies are not just compatible, but also work together to unlock even greater capabilities.”

“Together with Lansweeper and Cognitive Systems, we showcase the capabilities of the future Internet Service Provider,” Magnus Olden, CTO at Domos said.

“As ISPs can no longer rely on upping the megabit, they will look to our services to boost customer retention and expand their offerings. ISPs will gain unparalleled spatial, device, network quality, and application usage awareness from customers’ households, which means they can optimize their offerings for usage patterns and proactively engage through cohorted marketing. The services will also help reduce operational costs and improve customer support. In short, this collaboration will highlight how ISPs can deliver a better-connected experience while also driving efficiencies and revenue growth,” Olden said.

Patrizia Cozzoli, VP of Corporate Development at Lansweeper, said: “We are excited to collaborate with Domos and Cognitive Systems to revolutionize the way the internet is used and experienced. By combining our technologies, we aim to provide ISPs with powerful tools to improve network performance, increase efficiency, and deliver a personalized experience for their customers, creating the best internet experience possible. We are taking a major step forward in revolutionizing the internet experience for everyone, and we look forward to delivering the benefits of this partnership to ISPs and their customers.”


About Lansweeper

Lansweeper is a leader in asset discovery and recognition technology, helping businesses better understand, manage and protect their connected devices and networks. The powerful device recognition technology used in this collaboration is developed by Fing. Lansweeper acquired Fing, the network scanning and device recognition app, in 2020 to extend and enhance its own network discovery capabilities. Today, Lansweeper offers several APIs across its technology portfolio to third parties to embed in their products and solutions. To learn more about Lansweeper’s embeddable technologies, including its database of over 1.4B uniquely identified devices, visit

About Domos

Domos is the global leader in Latency Management for Internet Service Providers. Domos makes software for Internet Service Providers that can be embedded into any Customer Premises Equipment enabling application awareness and improved network quality, by monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing end-to-end latency in real time. The Internet Service Providers get access to unique insights into any bottlenecks in the customers’ WiFi or Broadband connection and can enable exclusive customer experiences and application integration to also have access to these insights to manage network optimization preferences. To keep up with everything Domos, follow the brand on LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube, or visit

About Cognitive Systems

Cognitive Systems Corp. is on a mission to evolve how the world interacts with and uses WiFi. Its flagship technology, WiFi Motion™, transforms the existing wireless access points and devices in a home into a motion-sensing network to unlock new possibilities. WiFi Motion insights are used by service providers to power home security, caregiving, and smart home solutions, simply via a software upgrade and by leveraging the existing infrastructure already in the home. Learn more at