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April 19, 2023

The guest experience goes beyond kind staff and clean rooms. While those aspects, among many others, are key to a top-tier hotel stay, accessibility and customer service are equally as important. In today’s strong digital age, guests greatly value enhanced WiFi service that they can depend on. That is, WiFi that very rarely experiences issues, such as lack of consistent connection or security. The same goes for the hotel team members whose job performance and satisfaction partially depend on the quality of tools with which they are provided, including their WiFi network and its capabilities. As a decision maker in the hospitality world, it’s imperative to do the homework that is required when establishing a partnership with a company whose service holds this level of importance and responsibility.

Meet Hospitality WiFi, a WCI Company

High-quality WiFi isn’t just a product. It’s a service. And, that’s what sets Hospitality WiFi apart. Here’s how it works: For a flat monthly fee depending on the size of the network, Hospitality WiFi will provide a hotel the latest equipment, monitor and manage its network, and deliver 24/7/365 technical support. This allows for business owners and general managers to eliminate usage, security and network issues from their plate, leaving it up to a team of experts.

Notable features include:

  • 24/7/365 Cloud Managed WiFi
  • Cloud-based Dashboard – monitor and manage the hotel’s network
  • High-Density Access Points – enterprise-grade equipment
  • Nationwide Coverage – available in all 50 states
  • Centralized Authentication – repeat guests sign in once
  • Custom Splash Page – personalize the property’s login page
  • Bandwidth Management – implement bandwidth usage policies

#1 HSIA Choice Of Multiple Major Hotel Flags

As the #1 choice for HSIA (High Speed Internet Access) for multiple major hotel flags such as Best Western, Choice Hotels, and IHG, Hospitality WiFi has an established reputation that reflects the level of service each customer receives, expects and deserves. To best manage each exceptional feature at all times, guests are provided with a Property Management Dashboard. This tool allows team members to maintain a real-time view of the guest network while managing and monitoring guest internet access across the board with full visibility.

Benefits of the Property Management Dashboard include:

  • Easy way to view your current health and usage of your network
  • Helps you manage your guest Internet access, including how much bandwidth guests are using at your property and how they’re using it
  • View network and equipment status, support data, and usage data all in one place
  • Can be viewed from anywhere you can connect to the Internet

Feature highlights and supported features include:

  • Made for the hospitality industry
  • View equipment status, support data, and usage patterns
  • Manage pay plans, bandwidth, support calls, and other aspects
  • Receive notifications of equipment outages to enable proactive resolution
  • Offers multiple user logins/tiers for admins and managers
  • Compatible with the latest technology, including many popular gateway and access points
  • Ability to brand portal
  • Custom reporting options for greater flexibility

Invest in Reliability and Improve Your Guest Experience

Ultimately, selecting a premier WiFi management service is one of the greatest investments when mapping out the key components that promote success points from seamless operations and staff productivity to return customers and industry credibility. Best-in-class WiFi is not just providing a great product, it’s also providing a reliable service that offers scalable management tools, ensures security and connectivity for guests, guarantees prompt customer support, and maintains up-to-date technology.

Learn more about Hospitality WiFi at and contact us today to see how we can serve you.