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New Orbi 770 Series – Whole-Home, Multi-Gig WiFi 7 Mesh with Game-changing Value.

July 2, 2024

We are thrilled to introduce the newest member of the Orbi family – the Orbi 770 Series Mesh WiFi 7 System. Shop Orbi 770 Series Now

The latest in the Orbi WiFi 7 line-up offers unreal WiFi performance at an unprecedented value. Never has whole-home WiFi been as important as it is in today’s connected world, where home networks, guest networks, and smart home IoT devices all must work in sync together. So if you’re ready to leave slow, unreliable internet and WiFi dead zones behind, the Orbi 770 Series WiFi 7 Mesh System is the perfect solution for you.

Orbi 770: WiFi Reimagined

The whole-home coverage and performance from the Orbi 770 Series Mesh WiFi System redefines NETGEAR’s home WiFi offerings with its game-changing value. The average US household today has more than 20 connected devices, all vying for faster speeds and a seamless networking experience for streaming, gaming, and video conferencing, along with running a range of WiFi-enabled smart home applications. NETGEAR’s latest offering, the budget-friendly Orbi 770 Series Whole-Home Mesh WiFi 7 system, is the future-proofed way for your family to experience the best WiFi on the planet.

• Orbi 770 Series RBE773 WiFi 7 System – Shop Now
• Orbi 772 2-pack – Shop Now

Flawless Whole-Home WiFi 7

WiFi 7 (IEEE 802.11be), also called EHT for Extremely High Throughput, is the latest WiFi standard that offers significant improvements compared to WiFi 6E, WiFi 6, and WiFi 5. WiFi 7 delivers faster speeds, lower latency, more capacity, and improved network and device reliability. The Orbi 770 Series delivers tri-band whole-home WiFi 7 and provides next-level connectivity, blanketing your home with blazing-fast internet – upstairs, downstairs, in the backyard, or by the pool.

This Orbi Whole-home WiFi 7 system includes the main mesh router and multiple satellites with optimized antennas. The router and satellites communicate wirelessly to deliver seamless WiFi to every nook and corner of your home, especially in WiFi dead zones. With an Orbi 770 Series WiFi mesh network, everyone can enjoy their personal internet connection for work or play, without buffering or lag. Orbi 770 Series Mesh System makes whole-home WiFi coverage a reality.

Transformative NETGEAR WiFi 7 Router Technologies

Wider Channel Support

Each WiFi band (2.4GHz, 5GHz, 6GHz) is broken into channels. WiFi 6E, for example, supports 60 channels that can be as wide as 160 MHz WiFi 7 doubles the capacity by supporting wireless channels up to 320 MHz wide. A simple analogy: Orbi 770 WiFi 7 is like a 6-lane superhighway, while earlier WiFi standards are limited with only a few slower WiFi lanes can easily become congested WiFi traffic jams with slower WiFi speeds and buffering stop-start progress. Wider WiFi 7 channels allow more data to be transmitted unimpeded at multi-gig speeds. Orbi 770 series is a tri-band WiFi mesh system with that offers strong connectivity for all your network devices in all 3 frequency bands.

Multi-Link Operation

Another exciting WiFi 7 technology is Multi-Link Operation (MLO). While previous WiFi standards establish connections between devices on a single band (2.4GHz, 5GHz, or 6GHz), Orbi 770 WiFi 7 MLO can combine several bands into a single connection. MLO enables wider channels capable of transmitting more data and mitigates the limited WiFi range associated with higher frequency bands, allowing WiFi 7 mesh to seamlessly connect to your devices as you move around the home.

Higher QAM

Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) transmits and receives data in radio-frequency waves. With higher performance amplitude modulation support of WiFi 7 – more data is packed in to each transmission. Orbi 770 WiFi 7 supports 4K QAM, WiFi 6 supports 1,024 QAM, and WiFi 5 is limited to 256 QAM. WiFi 7 delivers a 20 percent increase in peak performance compared to WiFi 6.

Expansive Coverage and Connectivity

Orbi 770 Series whole-home mesh kits are perfect for large homes with expansive WiFi requirements. Orbi 770 includes wireless backhaul and optional wired 2.5Gb backhaul via the built-in Ethernet ports for super fast speeds of up to 11 Gbps. This powerful WiFi system offers whole-home WiFi coverage up to 8,000 sq. Ft. (For a 3-pack) The NETGEAR Orbi 770 router includes 3x 2.5Gb Ethernet ports and a 2.5Gb WAN port. Each 770 series satellite has 2x 2.5Gb ports to guarantee seamless internet connectivity options.

The addition of NETGEAR Armor and Smart Parental Controls ensures that your WiFi network devices and device users are all protected from spam, malware, and other malicious intrusions for total peace of mind.

Enhanced Security with Advanced Router Protection

The Orbi 770 series is set to be the first product to feature NETGEAR’s innovative Advanced Router Protection. This new security layer not only shields the router from known threats but also utilizes advanced exploit prevention and heuristic techniques to detect and block unknown threats.

Furthermore, it enables the rapid deployment of live patches for emerging threats, eliminating the wait for new firmware releases. This approach dramatically reduces response times and enhances our dedication to delivering industry-leading cybersecurity for our router and mesh products. The Advanced Router Protection feature will be extended to the rest of our WiFi 7 lineup later this year.

Home Armor

Game-Changing Value: Orbi 770 vs. Orbi 970

At NETGEAR, we offer a wider range of premium routers and mesh systems at different price points. The NETGEAR Orbi 770 Series is an unprecedented value alternative to the top-of-the-line Orbi 970 whole-home mesh WiFi System. Both systems use blazing-fast WiFi 7 and many other similar features so everyone under your roof can experience the best of the best. Compare some major Orbi 770 Series and Orbi 970 Series specs in the table below.

Orbi rbe773 3-packOrbi 770 Series
Flawless connectivity to power work, streaming, gaming & More.
Orbi rbe973 3-packOrbi 970 Series
The Most Powerful & Advanced Orbi for the Ultimate WiFi experience.
MSRP: $999 $2,299
Coverage: 8,000 sq. ft. 10,000 sq. ft.
Performance: Up To 11Gbps Up to 27Gbps
ISP Speed: Up to 500Mbps 1Gbps+
Technology: WiFi 7 Tri-band WiFi 7 Quad-band
Backhaul: Enhanced Backhaul Enhanced Dedicated Backhaul
Ports Router 4x 2.5Gb 2x 10Gb, 4x 2.5Gb
Ports Satellite 2x 2.5Gb 1x 10Gb, 2x 2.5Gb
Armor Security: 30 Days 1 Year

Not sure which Orbi is best for you? Answer a few questions about your requirements with our “Find my Orbi” quiz.

Orbi 770 Series Model Numbers: 3-Pack, 2-Pack, Satellite

Below is further details on Orbi 770 Series availability. For in-depth product information – visit product page for each pack.

  • Orbi 770 3-Pack RBE773
    -WiFi 7 Mesh Router + 2 Mesh Satellites
    -Up To 8,000 sq.ft. of WiFi Coverage
    Learn More
  • Orbi 770 2-Pack RBE772
    -WiFi 7 Mesh Router + 2 Mesh Satellites
    -Up To 5,500 sq.ft. of WiFi Coverage
    Learn More
  • Orbi 770 Satellite RBE770
    -WiFi 7 Add-On Mesh Satellite (Orbi RBE771 Router required – include in 2-Pack and 3-Pack.)
    -Up To 2,750 sq.ft. of WiFi Coverage
    Learn More

Orbi 770 Series: Ideal for Whom?

The Orbi 770 Series Mesh WiFi System is ideal for medium to large households with multiple WiFi-enabled devices including laptops, consoles, Apple iPads, Android smartphones, and smart home applications such as smart TVs, home security systems, Amazon Alexa, and many more. WiFi 7 is backwards compatible with devices using older WiFi standards, but is also future proofed for upcoming WiFi 7 enabled technologies such as the recently announce native AI powered CoPilot+ Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Pro Laptop, improving response times and performance.

Additionally the Orbi 770 Series with WiFi 7 easily handles high-definition gaming, streaming, and conferencing, and can handle large file downloads in a fraction of the time taken by earlier WiFi standards.

This system is the solution if you require multi-gigabit speeds, greater bandwidth, and the ability to move about your home without losing connectivity. The Orbi 770 Series offers speeds up to 11Gbps and is the cost-effective solution for savvy networkers who don’t require the astounding 27Gbps speeds that Orbi 970 Series systems are capable of.

Unleash Endless Possibilities with Orbi 770

The Orbi 770 Series Mesh WiFi System represents advanced wireless networking technology. Home internet users are also benefiting from WiFi 7 technology. Here are some real-world applications of the powerful NETGEAR Orbi 770 Series Mesh WiFi System.

  • Work: Smooth video conferencing, fast file transfers, reliable connectivity for remote work.
  • Streaming: 4K/8K video streaming without buffering, multi-room streaming.
  • Gaming: Lag-free online multi-player gaming, fast downloads and game-streaming.
  • AR & VR and AI: Demanding bandwidth intensive & latency sensitive actives.
  • Smart Home: Seamlessly connect all your smart devices.

The Orbi 770 Series offers excellent whole-home coverage and endless possibilities. The main router and satellites all contain 2.5Gb Ethernet cable ports for your choice of wireless connectivity or priority wired device connections. It’s worth noting that the WiFi speeds your system can achieve will be impacted by the speeds offered by your internet service provider (ISP) and the performance of your Modem.

Welcome to the Orbi Family: How to Set Up Orbi 770

The Orbi 770 Series WiFi System consists of the Orbi router and one or more Orbi satellites depending on if you want the 2-pack or 3-pack. The system is easy to configure and can be set up quickly and conveniently using the handy Orbi App. Once set up, you can use the app to monitor system and device performance. Simply download the Orbi App and follow the easy setup instructions.

Experiment with router and satellite positioning. Placement options are almost unlimited, but you may still want to experiment with router device placement and the app speed test ensuring the WiFi signal overlaps with peak performance as you move further away from the main router and modem.

There is no special technical knowledge required to know how to set up Orbi 770. The entire system is self-contained without needing additional WiFi extenders or adapters. Solving Orbi 770 problems and troubleshooting is straightforward using the Orbi App.

Orbi by NETGEAR – Innovative WiFi 7 Solutions

If you are looking for your first Tri-Band WiFi 7 mesh system at a game-changing value, or upgrading from a WiFi 5 or WiFi 6 system – you won’t find a better choice than the NETGEAR Orbi 770 Series Mesh WiFi 7 System. The Orbi 770 Series delivers an amazing WiFi experience. NETGEAR has been leading the world in WiFi systems for homes and businesses for decades, and the tradition continues with the flawless Orbi 770 Series Whole-Home WiFi 7 Tri-Band Mesh System.