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Offering Secure Guest WiFi as an Amenity

November 14, 2022

Offering amenities is crucial to providing a great guest experience in your hotel or rental. Offering secure, accessible, and reliable guest WiFi can drastically improve guest satisfaction, increase business, and reduce tenant turnover. A secure guest WiFi connection keeps them connected and better protected from malicious activity. Learn more about the benefits of secure WiFi and why you should offer it as an amenity in your hotel.

The Benefits of Secure Guest WiFi

Staying in a hotel, guests expect a home-like experience with the ability to watch their favorite shows, check their emails, and even work remotely straight from the comfort of their rooms. Offering secure guest WiFi gives guests access to the internet to browse social media or work on business applications. No matter their preferred activities, the experience should be seamless through solid and secure connections.

There are a lot of benefits for business and improving the customer experience in many ways.

Attract More Customers

Offering free secured guest WiFi as an amenity can attract more customers to your business. Customers consistently turn to the internet to search for their products and services online to read reviews before they spend their money. This basic amenity is essential to help prevent losing out on crucial business to help you grow and remain competitive.

Earn revenue or offer to loyal customers

If you offer a secure WiFi option, you could use this as a value-added service for your loyalty customers. In addition, you could charge for secured WiFi access while offering free WiFi. More and more customers use secured WiFi networks while traveling outside the home. Offering a secure option is a great way to satisfy customer demand for faster and more secure public WiFi.

Monitor and Control Web Content

A cloud-based web filtering solution built into your secure guest WiFi, you can monitor and control web content access to ensure quality content. When you control web content with filters, you can prevent guests from visiting harmful websites and manage spam and malware threats. Your guests cannot access or download anything that may present a security risk to your business or other guests.

Reduces Tenants Turnover

Complimentary guest WiFi can attract and retain quality guests and transform them into repeat customers. WiFi will be available and utilized by guests of your hotel and will be greatly appreciated. Guests are happiest when they can stay connected when they need and be able to access without worrying about security risks.

Prevents Security Breach

A segmented and secured guest WiFi network prevents outsiders from accessing your network and is essential for any business security plan. It ensures guests can only access the internet through the guest WiFi and prevents them from having access to company assets on the primary network. Sharing the same network without segmentation and isolation can increase cyber risks to your business.

Hackers are getting smarter as technology advances. You also want to protect your network from malicious people attempting to access your network to infiltrate and steal sensitive data through cyberattacks.

Offering secure guest WiFi as an amenity protects customers and your business from dangerous cyberattacks and reduces your business’s legal liability. It ensures your guests can safely browse the internet and improve their overall experience boosting your business by creating happy, loyal customers.

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