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Restaurant Success Story: SunPubs Restaurant Group Achieves Record Breaking Sales with Strategic Marketing & Delicious Deals

May 1, 2024

SunPubs, a leading restaurant group with a diverse portfolio of restaurants & bars across the Tampa Bay area, has unveiled remarkable results from 2023 and its initiative to follow a growing trend amongst top-performing restaurants, prioritizing customer loyalty and celebrating the local community.

Facing the challenges of standing out in a competitive restaurant industry and cultivating loyal patrons, SunPubs sought to amplify sales across its establishments during peak seasons and orchestrated a series of strategic promotions tailored to each brand’s offerings and holiday specials. From enticing Christmas Dinner Plates to irresistible New Year’s Day Taco Specials.

Recognizing the potential of Wi-Fi marketing to engage customers on-site and increase recurring foot traffic, SunPubs partnered with GoZone WiFi to implement a comprehensive solution tailored to communicate enticing offers to local patrons that have visited SunPubs restaurants and bars for decades.

“The secret is restaurants that follow this strategy are targeting previously on-site customers with pre-determined interest in the restaurant. Instead of wasting advertising spend and time targeting cold audiences, these golden customers are already excited and more likely to convert.”

Wayne Newton, VP of Business Development – GoZone WiFi

Through the strategic deployment of GoZone’s Marketing4WiFi platform, SunPubs seamlessly integrated marketing enrollment into its venues by offering guests complimentary Wi-Fi access that successfully enrolled thousands of patrons into revenue-generating loyalty programs. Leveraging this new marketing channel, deployed targeted email and SMS blasts to captivate customers, build local excitement and drive traffic to its establishments.

The results of SunPubs’ eye-catching limited time offers and marketing promotions were profound, with remarkable limited time offer and revenue growth across its four participating restaurants.

For more information on how SunPubs achieved record sales with GoZone WiFi’s strategic marketing solutions, check out the full case study and comprehensive restaurant guide here.

About GoZone WiFi: GoZone Wi-Fi is a SaaS company offering restaurants business analytics, venue intelligence and guest engagement solutions. Through loyalty generating services like Marketing4WiFi, GoZone empowers small-to-medium-size enterprise businesses to strategically refine customer communication, turning one-stop patrons into loyal customers. Learn more at

About SunPubs: SunPubs is a leading restaurant group based in Tampa, Florida, offering a diverse portfolio of bars and restaurants known for their exceptional dining experiences, unparalleled nightlife, and scenic coastal views. SunPubs iconic brands include Caddy’s Waterfront Dining, Macdinton’s Irish Pub & Restaurant, Sculley’s Waterfront Restaurant, Grove Kitchen Lounge, and Mad Beach Cantina. Learn more at