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April 20, 2022

The digital economy has transmuted how businesses are structured, how firms interact, and how consumers obtain services and information.

An efficient digital-based economy requires the deployment of technology infrastructure that is ubiquitous, high-speed, secure, and flexible for developing a digital supply chain, which can be used by businesses to transform the way they operate.

The pandemic has forced the world to adapt and change. The emergence of a flexible hybrid model of connectivity, which is pandemic-induced, has necessitated enterprises to rethink their go-to-market strategies, workforce management practices, and digital business processes.

Hyper-converged wireless connectivity ties together businesses with technology to bring aggressive economics into play.

A report by United Nations suggests that nearly 3 billion people – or 37% of the world’s population – have never used the Internet, despite the pandemic driving people online. The unconnected economy is a huge missed opportunity for enterprises to become future-proof by providing their consumers with access to the best products, services, and experiences. Telecom operators to blur this digital divide delve into new ways to manage costs and provide Internet for all, but the demand remains unfulfilled due to commercialization, competition, and license fee pressure.

TIP- building a roadmap for industry transformation. The disaggregated network is becoming a reality for enterprises, allowing them to build larger, more robust networks and offer innovative services to their customers. Telecom Infra Project (TIP) has established an Open Platform to build cost-efficient and flexible networks that can be tailored to specific business needs and preferences, intending to bring ubiquitous connectivity to all. TIP’s Open Platform brings telecom operators, system integrators, and other stakeholders together to build a flexible, high-speed, and lower-cost network that can connect all areas of a city or region.


OpenWiFi is an initiative designed to assemble a “fully disaggregated Wi-Fi system,” including a cloud controller SDK and Enterprise-grade Access Points, designed and validated to work seamlessly together. The validation and certification infrastructure ensures all components and Access Points are robust to interoperate seamlessly. Some of its salient features include community-driven development, interoperable multiple vendors, no vendor lock-in, and reduced TCO.

Its tech stack comprises advanced enterprise and Carrier-grade features, including open APIs, open-source core, choice of controllers, interoperable open interface, and choice of HW – multiple vendors / models, and standard air interface.

It enables connectivity providers, such as SPs, MSPs, MNOs, MSOs, businesses to connect with wireless Internet, hotspot, roaming/offload, etc. It is developed by the OEMs using the OpenWiFi stack to add value for WLANaaS, security, UX, etc.

The open-source community supports cloud-native controller software and manages & controls distributed Wi-Fi deployment. It has feature-rich integrated AP firmware, a production-ready image, and a single code base for all Whitebox platforms (Wi-Fi 5, 6 & 6E, indoor & outdoor)

IO by HFCL- building a holistic networking ecosystem with TIP
As one of the early adopters and partners of the TIP Open Wi-Fi ecosystem and tech stack, IO has brought a series of TIP-ready devices to achieve mass-market penetration of OpenWiFi to empower the connectivity ecosystem to grow and mature.

With extensive years of experience in designing and deploying access solutions worldwide, IO, in alliance with TIP, is actively deploying OpenWiFi based networks in Asia and Africa to
develop cost-effective open-source powered Access Points and wireless controllers.

“The vision of TIP OpenWIFi to connect everyone and everything and everywhere echoes through our goal to deliver high-quality connectivity over the length and breadth of the globe. We are confident that TIP and IO will continue to innovate and drive the next wave of innovation and will converge in the future. It is a platform where people and companies can build, share, and improve the ecosystem together.”

Bhuvnesh Sachdeva, VP- IO product, HFCL Ltd.

OpenWiFi disaggregation unlocks untapped value for enterprises and service providers by enabling them to disaggregate their networks, reducing costs and improving operational efficiency. It also provides an opportunity for new players to enter the market and drive socio-economic development, by expanding the wireless footprint. The world is becoming increasingly connected and increasingly digital. IO’s mission is to improve lives by connecting people, information and things, and we do this through our innovative range of access solutions to enable people to interact, learn, work and engage, wherever and however they want, on any digital device. Our solutions are constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers today and the challenges of the future. We are dedicated to delivering a better tomorrow by building a future-ready network connectivity ecosystem, with the most advanced technology.

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This article is authored by Mr. Anuj Mago, Associate VP, HFCL Ltd