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What’s driving WiFi 6 device deployments?

December 2, 2021

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What’s driving WiFi 6 device deployments?
WiFi 6 arrived to a wave of excitement, promising increased throughput, improved latency, power savings and enhanced security, all maximized when paired with cloud-control. Two-years following the arrival of the first devices, we dipped into data from the Plume Cloud to look at the latest deployment growth rates:

  • U.S. leads Europe: Over the 6-month study period, WiFi 6 deployments grew by 63% compared to 45% in Europe. Do U.S. consumers refresh their tech more often?
  • Tablets returned the highest growth: The most common WiFi 6 devices in Plume homes were—in order—smartphones, laptops, and tablets. However, in terms of WiFi 6 growth rates, tablets led with 107% growth rate, followed by smartphones (55%), and laptops (50%).
  • Apple is the prime mover: Three brands are driving WiFi 6 device growth in Plume homes: Samsung (27%), Google (39%), and Apple, which is setting the pace with a massive 375% growth rate over the study period.