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September 15, 2021

Next-Gen Wi-Fi solutions are disrupting a growing number of industries, transportation included. The transportation industry is a vast ecosystem covering everything under the hood of transport, comprising rail, road, and air. With the help of efficient network connectivity offered by Wi-Fi 6, the transportation sector can shape passengers’ experience from before the journey with traveling management and e-ticketing to the departure point, baggage areas, security checks, and post-travel management hassle-free.

Wi-Fi 6 impact on transportation spluttered into a reality and in the future would continue to move through the gears and will completely transform the way we travel.

Wi-Fi 6- Driving the Future of Transportation

When it comes to transportation, wireless connectivity is more than an amenity. It has the potential to provide increased visibility and control over transportation systems. The low latency, high capacity, and reliability enhance the experience of how people travel with an efficient connectivity spectrum across our cities and much beyond.

  • Enhances operational efficiency
  • High availability of mission-critical services
  • Encourages staff collaboration
  • Simplifies network and device management
  • Real-time data collection
  • Improves safety and security

Wi-Fi 6 brings a closed focus on automation, data analytics, and digital transformation of the transportation industry to enhance the overall passenger experience.

With the advent of Wi-Fi 6 enabled solutions, the Internet spectrum will spark new opportunities for transportation innovation that would hinge upon access to
connectivity. Wi-Fi 6 brings the required experience to the customers while traveling, consisting of improved transfer speeds, impeccable performance, a wider area coverage, and longer battery life. It certainly paves a path for seaports, container terminals, airports, railways, logistic hubs, and warehouses to help drive their digital transformation initiatives.

Exclusive features of Wi-Fi 6 for the transportation industry

OFDMA enables more efficient channel use, reduces latency between Access Points that offer backward compatibility with legacy Wi-Fi standards.
1024 QAM encourages throughput by 25% and provides greater reliability in short distances.

Target Wake Time (TWT) removes the clutter of power consumption while extending the client battery life of mobile and IoT devices.
MU-MIMO, combined with beam-forming, supports up to eight client devices and provides greater network efficiency, focuses radio energy on specific users while ensuring optimal signal and reception reliability.

Improves operational efficiencies by simplifying the network and device management. It helps in connecting smart device networks from a single interface to boost safety and productivity.
Undoubtedly, safety and security concern looms mainly over the transportation sector, wherein transportation networks experience massive data exchange that makes the system vulnerable. Wi-Fi 6 comes with robust built-in security to address these challenges, helping the transportation sector stay in contact during emergencies without being hassled by security threats.

Wi-Fi 6 is the answer for transportation arcades such as airports and trains and other public and private transport modes. It will help in deploying advanced technology while offering high-quality connectivity for travellers and staff alike.

IO solutions aiding the transportation sector

IO brings a revolutionary set of Wi-Fi 6- enabled solutions to provide a simple, efficient enterprise-grade user experience for travellers and staff. Here’s a quick look at our solutions and how they are supporting the transport ecosystem relentlessly.

  • Location-based services with Wi-Fi 6 solutions are easy to access, helping to monitor locations, track people and transportation assets.
  • Monitoring IoT devices at airports, stations, and on roads to identify problems before they cause delays or accidents.
  • Our industrial-grade Access Points are designed for in-vehicle applications such as smart buses, public safety, and fleet management.
  • The network surveillance cameras offer real-time bidirectional video and audio transmissions, as well as data access functions.
  • Our outdoor Access Points come up with industrial-grade IP67 protection and water and dust resistance to offer for reliable operation even in harsh outdoor conditions.
  • Our solutions offer robust network connections to provide dependable critical communication networks for remote locations.

Our state-of-the-art Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) products provide more efficient high-density channel use and reduced latency between Access Points and client devices.

IO helps you keep your passengers connected while supercharging the customer experience to another level.

IO empowering connected transportation

IO brings an array of Wi-Fi solutions for trains, metros, airports, and other public and private transport forms. At IO, we provide a complete range of Wi-Fi solutions, including Access Points, Cloud Network Management System, and UBRs (for backhauling) to different sectors within transportation, such as:

  • Aviation
  • Rail
  • Roadways
  • Automotive vehicles

We can mention IO products here with images helping in transportation sector

Wi-Fi 6 for Aviation, Roadways & Railways

The breakthrough offered by Wi-Fi 6 in the Aviation sector enables navigation guides to personalized promotions, traveling status updates, automated ticketing, check-in, safety, security, and much beyond. This disrupting Wi-Fi allows passengers to get the benefits on their journey right from the departure point, baggage areas, and security check to post- travel engagement.

Wi-Fi 6 for the Automotive sector

With Wi-Fi 6, the operational process in the Automotive sector gets a fresh digital outlook facilitating staff collaboration, an enhanced network, and device management while enabling real-time operational and business data collection. The smart device networks, IoT enabled, can be managed from a single interface with robust connectivity to boost productivity exponentially.

Wi-Fi 6 paves the way for improved safety and security in the transport sector, helping to monitor and manage everything without interruption in data collection.

Food for thought

Wi-Fi on transport systems is still young, and with the advanced connectivity solutions, it will experience a growth spurt. Futuristic transportation indeed relies heavily on wireless connectivity. To help you experience a revolutionary transformation, the IO team is here to boost your passengers’ experience with innovative Wi-Fi solutions.

Gear up for growth and contact us today & discover how our products, services & solutions can streamline connectivity for the transportation sector with the Next-Gen Wi-Fi solutions.

Wtitten by: Shashank Sejwal, Senior Manager, Wi-Fi Development