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World Cinema Embraces the Future and Unveils Rebrand to WorldVue

September 28, 2023

Houston-based company announces new brand identity to align with what is most important to its employees and customers – technology’s relationship to outcomes.

HOUSTON– SEPTEMBER 1, 2023 (BUSINESS WIRE)–World Cinema, the trusted provider of video, digital infrastructure, wireless connectivity, and professional services to guest-centric properties worldwide, announces a new brand identity as WorldVue®. Rooted in the company’s core values and vision, this rebranding is a pivotal step toward realizing its long-term strategic goals and enabling WorldVue to position itself as the most relevant, trusted advisor. The name WorldVue represents a broader perspective, offering a clear vision of the future and emphasizing its dedication to innovation and growth to service every property across the globe.

“In August of 2022, we acquired Hospitality WiFi. Over the past year, we have focused on bringing together our mission to unify both companies as one. We are excited to announce our rebranding from World Cinema to WorldVue!” says Tommy Fatjo, Chief Executive Officer of WorldVue. “This decision was made to better reflect the evolution of the company, our industry and the needs of our clients and partners – all while ensuring a focus on an excellent customer experience.”

Founded in 1974, WorldVue is leading the way in delivering innovative technology solutions that enhance the resident, guest and staff experience. This next chapter aims to position the company as the go-to platform for designing, building and supporting property technologies. As WorldVue, the company’s core values and vision are now even more elevated and support a journey of innovation, collaboration and service excellence. Those values, encapsulated by the acronym CHIRP™ (Coachable, Humble, Intelligent, Responsive, Persistent), define how WorldVue operates internally and externally.

“Our rebrand signifies our commitment to not only staying relevant and adaptable to the ever-changing market dynamics, but also to providing the best solutions for our customers,” adds Robert Grosz, President and Chief Operating Officer of WorldVue. “Since day one, we have rallied around the idea that the world benefits from technologies that allow us to connect with each other to deliver entertainment and information.”

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, WorldVue believes the best way to serve its customers is to champion its employees and trusted contractors. The company is customer-centric, but employee-focused. WorldVue’s team is its differentiator. To stay updated on future announcements and learn more about WorldVue, visit


WorldVue®, formerly known as World Cinema, Inc., is a trusted provider of video, advanced connectivity and professional services to properties and enterprises on a global basis. With a dedication to customer service, WorldVue leads the way in delivering innovative technology solutions that enhance the resident, guest, and staff experience. From managed services to digital transformation, WorldVue is a single point of contact for all of a property’s technology needs.

Founded in 1974, WorldVue is a privately held company headquartered in Houston, Texas. The company serves over 7,000 properties with nearly 900,000 rooms under management. For more information, visit


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