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WorldVue Deploys Their First OpenWiFi Network

May 1, 2024

WorldVue, the trusted platform for guest-centric technology such as video entertainment and wireless connectivity, and OpenWiFi, a community-developed open-source platform designed to lower the cost of developing and operating Wi-Fi networks, are excited to spotlight their first joint installation. This install brings a better Wi-Fi experience to The Emory apartment community in Historic Downtown Plano, Texas.

The alliance between WorldVue and OpenWiFi began in January 2024, with a focus on offering properties greater flexibility and the ability to streamline network operations. This first installation at The Emory incorporates TIP OpenWiFi-certified software and hardware, including Edgecore’s OpenWiFi-Ready Access Points (APs) and switches and NetExperience’s vendor-agnostic OpenWiFi Cloud Controller that support OpenRoaming™ for greater flexibility, seamless connectivity, and easier setup.

“We are proud to partner with WorldVue and NetExperience on this OpenWiFi deployment,” said TengTai Hsu, VP of Edgecore Networks. “Secure, fast, and reliable Wi-Fi is an essential amenity, and this OpenWiFi network provides a first-class connected experience for residents of The Emory.”

This installation supports WorldVue’s goal of advancing global connectivity and innovation through open collaboration.

“WorldVue is committed to delivering high-quality services and seamless connectivity. We believe wireless connectivity is a major catalyst for economic growth and industry development,” said Robert Grosz, President and COO of WorldVue. “Embracing OpenWiFi in the MDU space allows us to break free from vendor lock, rapidly innovate in the wireless space to develop deep integrations with mission-critical applications, and offer our clients at The Emory the most flexibility and lowest total cost of ownership.”