ST. PETERSBURG, FL, August 17, 2021 — GoZone WiFi today announced a collaboration with CommScope that enables outdoor and public venues, including campgrounds, RV parks, marinas, campus communities, and state and national parks, to offer a seamless and secure guest Wi-Fi experience. Consumers who register for Wi-Fi will have free, voucher-based, and paid subscription options with the same ease of access as logging onto a home network.Together with CommScope, GoZone WiFi gives public venues and outdoor spaces the opportunity to provide Wi-Fi while securing valuable data in return without compromising business security. By combining GoZone WiFi SecurePass™and CommScope’s RUCKUS Cloudpath® software, businesses can enhance the connectivity experience for customers.“We’re seeing a surge of visitors returning to outdoor recreational spaces and public venues. These guests expect their individual devices to have the same reliable, fast Internet connection outdoors as they would have at home,” said Todd Myers, GoZone WiFi CEO. ‘People are choosing to embrace a location-independent, technology-enabled lifestyle that enables them to travel and work remotely, anywhere in the Internet-connected world.’ Our collaboration with CommScope yields another valuable tool for outdoor venues that are committed to giving guests and visitors the best digital experience.”

Based on a subscription model, the joint technology solution makes it easier for venues to pursue new revenue opportunities. For example, guests who log onto GoZone’s advanced captive portal may receive special deals or be encouraged to engage with promotions via social media. Operators and venues have access to quality data for enhanced marketing campaigns.

The seamless, secure, multi-device guest access solution increases the utility of Wi-Fi infrastructure while helping businesses accommodate all types of visitors and their many devices. With CommScope’s RUCKUS Cloudpath®, a digital certificate is assigned to each guest, and once authorized, users don’t have to re-enter credentials.

“R.V. parks and campsites that cater to digital nomads offer a new way of living. Those sites that offer reliable Wi-Fi will be more likely to create loyal customers,” said Bart Giordano, senior vice president of RUCKUS sales, CommScope. “We see the same mindset with residents in multi-dwelling units and students living on campus. The collaboration with GoZone WiFi underscores CommScope’s commitment to helping organizations tap into new revenue opportunities while ensuring their customers return again and again.”

The collaboration addresses operational challenges faced by public venues that offer free Wi-Fi. Those challenges include password management, security, data usage caps, and customers who attempt to access the network after business hours. Benefits include reduced support calls and time spent on manually registering passwords and guest registrations.

About GoZone WiFi:
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